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Vallejo Rodent ControlNo one wants to have disgusting vermin in a residential or commercial property, and our company offers expert rodent proofing in Vallejo services. Customers can contact us at 600 East Todd Road Santa Rosa, CA 95407 or call (800) 351-2488.

Rodents can transmit dangerous diseases such as typhus or rat-bite fever to humans, but with fast professional extermination services, our customers can avoid illnesses. When a business has rodents, we can provide emergency services so that a manager can keep a restaurant or store open.

We Know How To Prevent Infestations From Filthy Attic Rats

Today, rodents find unique ways to enter buildings, including climbing on tree branches to reach a building’s rooftop. After the rodents reach the rooftop, the vermin squeeze through tiny holes to enter the building’s attic. Attic rats can thrive by living near the rafters of a building to seek warmth inside the insulation layers.

The rodents deposit urine and droppings on every surface, creating a disgusting mess and odor. At night, the rodents will enter a kitchen to look for food, running on countertops and entering cupboards. Our customers may notice rodent fur or droppings on a building’s surfaces near baseboards or utility lines.

Routine Rodent Control In Vallejo Businesses and Homes

Our team of exterminators offers Vallejo rodent removal on a routine or emergency basis. To eliminate mice, we can use humane steel traps, or we can place sticky traps in an attic to capture the rodents.

We don’t recommend using poison to eliminate rodents because children or family pets can find the dangerous substances. Capturing rodents is a better choice because our customers won’t have dead bodies in the walls that will create a foul odor.

Providing Rodent Proofing In Vallejo Homes and Businesses

To prevent an infestation from attic rats and mice, we offer rodent proofing in Vallejo businesses and homes. This process involves adding thick wire mesh to the holes and crevices of buildings to keep the rodents from entering. This form of rodent control in Vallejo is quick but effective. After sealing all of the crevices and holes in a building, our exterminators can remove the damaged insulation from an attic to eliminate the foul odors that will attract additional rodents to a property.

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