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Bed bugs, those tiny bugs that live in beds and cause itchy, irritated skin, are becoming more common in many parts of the United States. According to the EPA, the recent increase in bed bug infestations is caused by several factors, including traveling to places where bed bugs are common. If you suspect you have bed bugs, the first step to is contact Vacaville bed bugs experts to confirm your suspicions. A bed bug service in Vacaville can help you identify and eliminate any type of pest in your home, including bed bugs.

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Identifying A Bed Bug Infestation

Vacaville bed bugs are the same as bed bugs found in other parts of the country. Bed bugs are fairly small, with adults growing to about 5 millimeters in length, or about the size of an apple seed. The bugs often hide, making it difficult to identify the pests without the special tools used for bed bug extermination in Vacaville. To find the insects, look for rust-colored or dark stains, live bed bugs, or eggs and nymphs in mattress seams, behind outlet covers and in bedding. Vacaville bed bug removal can help you decide whether the signs are caused by bed bugs if you notice any of these signs.

Treating Vacaville Bed Bugs

Treatment options range from installing mattress covers to using professional-grade pesticides to eliminate adult insects. Usually, bed bug extermination in Vacaville requires several techniques to completely eliminate the infestation. For instance, we may install bed bug traps on beds, spray pesticides to eliminate adult insects, and recommended bedding options that you can use to eliminate the pests for a more comfortable night’s sleep. Vacaville bed bug control methods also include offering advice on cleaning clothing and other items to eliminate hidden infestations.

Vacaville Bed Bug Control

A bed bug service in Vacaville is your best option to completely eliminate the pests with pesticides. Your bed bug exterminator in Vacaville has a selection of non-toxic pesticides that work to eliminate the insects quickly. Bed bugs are often difficult to remove without the assistance of a bed bug exterminator in Vacaville because the insects can hide very well. With the assistance of a professional Vacaville bed bug removal company, you can feel confident that the bed bugs are gone.

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