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When is Termite Treatment Necessary in the North and East Bay?

Termite treatment is of course necessary to fight an active infestation, but it’s also important to annually treat your property to prevent termites.

If you believe you’ve seen the signs of termites in your home, it’s necessary to get treatment from a professional pest control company as soon as possible before the infestation becomes worse. Termite treatment is also important for preventative measures even if you’ve never had a termite issue before.  After an infestation in your home has been controlled, it’s equally as essential to receive regular or annual visits by a professional who can continue to help keep termites away for good.

Annual termite treatments and inspections in the North & East Bay by Western Exterminator, formerly HitmenTermite Treatment to Prevent Infestations

Your best chance at avoiding an infestation is through preventative treatments, ideally by a professional. Many pest control companies offer year-round services that work to ensure you stay pest-free. By regularly treating your home and lawn for termites, typically annually, you can lessen the risk of being hit with an infestation down the road. Preventative termite plans typically include:

  • Regular inspections done by a professional to look for signs of current or possible activity
  • Treatment applied along the perimeter of your property to deter any termites
  • DIY prevention tips for you to implement into your home maintenance routine

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Treating an Active Infestation

No property owner wants to realize they have termites. The most important thing to do upon this discovery is to immediately enlist a professional pest control company who will inspect your property and go over which treatment will work best for your unique situation. Even though a termite infestation won’t significantly worsen within the few weeks after the discovery, most homeowners can agree that they want them eliminated immediately. Being proactive about controlling your infestation in a timely matter is of the utmost importance.

Post-Termite Treatment

You’ve successfully removed termites from your home—now what? The best way to never deal with termites again is by continuing to treat your home even after the termites are gone. Most professional pest control companies will recommend getting treated at least once a year to further protect your home from future infestations. For this reason and many more, regular termite treatment is almost always necessary if you want to stay termite-free.

When is Termite Treatment Necessary in the North & East Bay? in the North Bay and East Bay CA Area

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