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Are There Tentless Termite Treatment Options?

Fumigation is often a last-ditch effort to control a termite infestation. Thankfully, there are several treatment options that are less invasive and chemical-filled.

Even though it’s effective, few people want to deal with the inconveniences of tenting your home to control termites. Fumigation not only requires you to leave your home for a few days, it is also the most chemically toxic termite treatment there is! Thankfully, there are many more treatment options available that work well to control infestations in your home.

The Hitmen provide not only fumigation but many other tentless termite treatments in the North & East Bay.Pros and Cons of Tent Fumigation

Fumigation is often a last resort to remove an infestation from your home. There are a number of pros and cons to take into consideration when it comes to tenting your home:

  1. Benefits of Fumigation
    • Fumigating is a highly effective way of controlling termites inside the home, and it almost always has a 100% success rate.
    • Even though it does require you to leave your home, it is by far the quickest way to control an infestation.
    • Fumigation often eliminates other pests at any other stage of life inside the home.
    • When fumigates are pumped into the home, the gas can reach spots where many other types of treatments cannot.
  2. Disadvantages of Fumigation
    • Fumigation is inconvenient because it forces families to vacate their home for at least two nights. Homeowners are also responsible for preparing their home by cleaning, removing, and sealing items inside the property.
    • Fumigation is a one-time treatment, meaning the gas does not provide protection from future infestations.
    • There is a chance tents used in the process may damage the roofing, gutters, and shrubbery around the perimeter of your home.
    • Even though proper precautions protect you and your family, fumigation uses toxic chemicals and gases to get rid of the termites.

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Tentless Termite Treatment Methods

As mentioned previously, fumigation is almost always a last-ditch effort termite control method that is not favored by most pest control companies. Baiting systems, spot treatments, liquid termiticides (Termidor), soil treatment, wood treatment, orange oil, and even heat or cold treatments are all methods that have been used as alternatives to fumigation to varying degrees at success. At The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control, the preferred method of control is almost always Altriset or orange oil, and we believe in their ability to control termites in your home without the need of fumigation.

Are There Tentless Termite Treatment Options? in the North Bay and East Bay CA Area

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