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What Termites Are in the North and East Bay?

Due to its geographic location and warm climate, the North and East Bay is home to many types of termites that infest homes year-round.

The North and East Bay is home to several termite species within the dampwood, drywood, and subterranean types. The most common termites in the area include the western subterranean termite, western drywood termite, and the pacific dampwood termite. Because Northern California has warm temperatures year-round, termites in the area often reproduce and begin infesting before springtime, making homeowners particularly susceptible to termite infestations during a longer period of time.

Common North & East Bay Termites

Learn what termites are in your area from The Hitmen Termite and Pest Control in San Francisco and the entire Bay Area.Although not as humid as some areas in the country, the mild climate in California makes for an ideal environment for termites of all kinds. Some of the most common species in the North & East Bay area include:

  1. Western subterranean termite: The most common termite, these termites are cream-colored and much smaller than drywood or dampwood termites. They are considered to be the most damaging termite in Northern California and even the nation, and can cause a lot of destruction in homes.
  2. Western drywood termite: Native to Northern California, these termites are known for causing a lot of damage and withstanding habitats with low moisture content. Western drywood swarmers are active between the months of September and October.
  3. Pacific dampwood termites: Known for being one of the biggest and certainly most critical dampwood termites in the country, these termites are most often found in both cool and more humid areas of the coast. They favor all types of wood and often infest homes near water sources or near the sea.

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Identifying Termites in Northern California

Chances are, you will never see the termites that have infested your home. The only types of termites usually seen by residents in the North & East Bay are swarmers across all species of termites, which fly to establish new colonies and are often mistaken for flying ants. No matter the type of termite you may have, it’s always important to call a professional who can correctly identify and treat the infestation before extensive damage is caused.

What Termites Are in the North and East Bay? in the North Bay and East Bay CA Area

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