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What Do Termites Damage?

Termites will go after and damage anything in your home or yard that contains cellulose, making them a bigger threat than you may think.

Termites will eat through the very structure of your home, including support beams, flooring, posts, wall studs, and more. These wood-boring insects are also capable of damaging plaster and foam insulation in their foraging for cellulose. Outside, they can easily damage piles of lumber, fallen logs, wooden decks, outdoors furniture, and more. Bottom line, termites can infest and damage a lot more than you want to believe.

Learn what termites damage from the Hitmen Termite & Pest Control in the North and East BayWhat Structures do Termites Infest?

Termites are capable of infesting any wood source, especially if it has contact with the soil. Most homes are built primarily with wood, which is why termites find homes across the country so appealing. Some of the things termites often infest include:

  1. Inside the home: walls, support beams, drywall, ceilings, floor boards, baseboards, slabs, tiling, windows, insulation, etc.
  2. Outside the home: roof tiles, wood piles, firewood, patio furniture, fallen lumber, logs/stumps, etc.

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What Materials are Resistant to Termites?

Because termites are such a common threat in homes of all types, it’s helpful to know which materials are resistant to termites when remodeling or constructing a new home entirely.
Some of the things termites are not known to infest include:

  • Treated lumber: This has chemicals in it that prevents rot and makes it undesirable to pests.
  • Cement/concrete: Termites will not eat through these, as the material is too solid and lacks cellulose. They can make their way through small cracks in concrete, however.
  • Metal: Again, metal does not contain cellulose and is thus not suitable for termites.
  • Redwood/cedar: These types of wood are somewhat naturally resistant to termites. However, decay can attract termites to redwood or cedar.

The Damaging Nature of Termites

Termites are not picky when it comes to choosing what they feast on. Knowing what termites do and don’t eat is crucial to better understanding what they could be damaging inside or outside your home.

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