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How Do You Fix Termite Damage?

Although most people can touch up or repair cosmetic damage, structural damage caused by termites should always be addressed by a professional.

Uncovering the destruction caused by a termite infestation can be shocking for any homeowner, especially since termite damage is often hidden within the home. The amount of repairs needed to fix termite damage varies from case to case depending on the severity of the infestation. In minor cases, damage may be fixable through a few DIY methods. However, it is usually best to consult a professional to assist with the repairs, especially when the very structure of your home is at stake.

Learn how to fix termite damage from the Hitmen Termite & Pest Control in the North and East BayCan I Fix Termite Damage Myself?

Before trying to repair any damage caused by termites by yourself, it’s always best to enlist the opinion of an expert who can accurately diagnose the amount of destruction that has been caused. There are several easy repairs homeowners can typically do on their own, but only when damage is minimal. Any structural issues should always be addressed by an expert who can get your home back in standing order. Several types of repairs that can sometimes be made by homeowners include:

  1. Wood hardeners: If the damage is minimal, wood hardeners can be used to fill in gaps or holes to strengthen the damaged wood.
  2. Wood sealants: After filling in gaps, wood sealants can help cut off the air supply to any remaining termites.
  3. Wood fillers: Similar to wood putty, this is an even more efficient way of filling in gaps and cracks in damaged wood.

When it comes to anything beyond filling in minor damage, it’s best to hire contractors who can do so properly and effectively. Wood replacement is something that should be handled by an experienced worker who knows how to safely fix any problems.

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Is Cosmetic Termite Damage Easy to Fix?

A lot of termite damage, when caught early enough, can be fixed easily through simple cosmetic fixes. Some of these small repairs include touching up areas where the paint peeled due to termite activity, cleaning up wood shavings or mud tubes on the exterior of the home, and more. Even if these repairs are easily made, it’s still important to have a professional check out the damage to ensure further destruction isn’t hidden away within your property.

Is Termite Damage Ever Beyond Repair?

Although it is very rare, several termite infestations have been known to cause irreparable damage to homes. When this is the case, it’s likely the infestation has been happening for more than a decade or two completely undetected. As frustrating as termite damage is, it can thankfully almost always be fixed and you can remain in your home!

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