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Does Insurance Cover Termite Damage?

Homeowners insurance very rarely covers the costs of termite damage, as agencies consider termite infestations to be preventable through inspections.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to find a homeowners insurance policy that covers damage caused by termites. Even though homeowners insurance is designed to protect you from damage that is accidental or sudden, termite destruction is typically not considered an accident. Unfortunately, many insurance companies consider termite damage as preventable, which is why it is so rare to find a policy that protects you from these destructive pests.

Learn about termite damage and insurance coverage from the Hitmen Termite & Pest Control in the North and East BayFinding Out if Your Policy Covers Termite Damage

As mentioned before, damage caused by termites isn’t typically covered by insurance agencies. When you are searching for the policy that best fits your needs, it is best to fully read the fine print in order to find out if you are covered or not, or inquire your agency directly. Because it is rare to find this kind of insurance, homeowners need to take every other possible measure to protect themselves from termite damage. The best insurance against termites is routinely maintaining your home, implementing termite prevention methods, and enlisting the help of a professional company who will perform regular inspections.

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Homeowners Insurance Termite Loopholes

If your home is damaged by termites, there are some unique instances in which you may find yourself eligible for coverage. For example, if termites in your fireplace cause a fire, you may be eligible for payment. Similarly, if termites damage a beam that eventually leads to a wall or roof falling, you could receive help to cover the costs. Every policy is different, which is why it’s best to fully understand what you’re covered for and what you’re not. Bottom line, it’s important to talk directly with your agency to prepare yourself for the reality of having to pay for termite-related services out of your own pocket.

Protecting Yourself from Termites Without Insurance

Realizing you aren’t covered for the damage caused by termites in your home is frustrating. To avoid dealing with that frustration down the road, the best thing for a homeowner to do is to sign up for regular routine inspections by a pest control company that can help keep your home free of pests year after year. Termite bonds are another measure of protection that prove beneficial. The cost of these services are well worth it, especially considering the amount of money they can save you from the high costs of repairs.

Does Insurance Cover Termite Damage? in the North Bay and East Bay CA Area

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