Suisun City Pest Control

Suisun City Pest ControlAt The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control Inc., we offer Suisun City pest control services. Customers can count on us to eliminate and control a variety of pests, including ants, rats and reptiles. To schedule service you can visit us at 600 East Todd Road Santa Rosa, CA 95407. You can also get ahold of us by calling 1-800-351-2488. Our Suisun City pest management company provides routine and emergency services at an affordable rate. So don’t hesitate. Get in touch with us today.

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Providing Expert Attic Cleaning Services

If there are rats or bats in a building’s attic, then getting rid of the vermin is the first step toward eliminating a pest problem. Our Suisun City Pest management company recommends a total attic cleaning process. This helps to remove the pheromone trails left behind by the vermin. The urine from animals will attract a new population of vermin. Our pest experts can remove the wet insulation and drywall to eliminate the foul odors. Also, we recommend blocking the entrances into the attic so that more animals are unable to enter. Solid metal and mesh screens are great tools for preventing rodent/pest reentry.

Offering Pest Prevention In Suisun City

Our company recommends preventative treatments. Preventative treatment helps you avoid infestations of arachnids, rodents and/or insects. We can apply natural orange oil to repel termites, flies and ants. Our exterminators can inspect a building to determine where rodents or mammals are entering. Once we know where they’re entering, we can help prevent it from happening in the future.

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For quality Suisun City pest control, call us today to get rid of insect or rodent infestations with safe products. With pest management in Suisun City services, a homeowner or business manager is less likely to have an infestation from rodents or insects that will require an emergency service call.

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