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Spiders to Watch Out For This Fall

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Here in Northern California, we are no strangers to dealing with spiders throughout the year. If you’re noticing them around more than ever this time of year, you’re not alone. Spider populations boom in the late summer and early fall. This is when they are likely to come into your home as well, whether it’s to escape the heat or seek out food and water. Most spiders in your home are completely harmless, but there are two spiders in the area to look out for this fall: the black widow and brown recluse. If you’ve spotted either of these spiders, it’s important to be very cautious. Read on to learn all you need to know about spiders this time of year.

Black widow vs brown recluse infographic - Western Exterminator, formerly Hitmen in the North and East Bay Area Dangerous Spiders in the Bay Area

Both brown recluse and black widow spiders are known for their bite, but they will only do so when they are handled or threatened. The black widow has an easily identifiable red hourglass shape on its abdomen. They build webs under wood piles, fences, and eaves. If you are bitten, you may experience slight swelling and faint red marks.

The brown recluse has a darker brown violin shaped mark on their bodies and they build dome-shaped webs for shelter. If they are handled or threatened, they may bite. Bites usually heal on their own, but people may experience more severe symptoms and pain. If you are experiencing symptoms from a spider bite, immediately seek medical attention.

Preventing Fall Spiders

To prevent spiders in your home, it’s important to make your home less attractive to them! Thankfully, there are several things you can do to make your property less attractive to these creepy crawlers:

  1. Maintain a tidy yard and lawn. Overgrown bushes, shrubs, piles of wood, and more can attract spiders to your property and eventually indoors.
  2. Regularly clean your home. Doing so can prevent insects that spiders like to prey on and eliminate hiding spots for pests.
  3. Seal cracks and crevices. Inspect the inside and outside of your property for tiny spots that may be inviting spiders in, and seal properly.
  4. Install or repair screens on doors and windows. Tight-fitting screens are the key to keeping insects, spiders included, out.
  5. Inspect boxes and used furniture prior to bringing them inside. Adult spiders or their egg sacs could be hiding inside.

Controlling Spider Infestations

If you have a spider problem, it can be hard to know when to call an exterminator. In general, if you are dealing with excess webs, spiders, or dangerous spiders, it’s best to enlist the help of your local spider pest control experts. Western Exterminator, formerly Hitmen is here to help!

Spiders to Watch Out For This Fall in the North Bay and East Bay CA Area

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