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San Leandro Pest Control

The San Leandro pest control professionals here at The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control, we provide pest control services to remove invasive wildlife species such as raccoons, squirrels and bats. With a loss of natural habitat, more animals are invading buildings for places to live and breed, but having wild animals inside a home is not safe. In some cases, animals will climb onto rooftops to enter small crevices and holes.

Animals create a mess with waste contamination, and we provide attic cleaning to remove the filthy debris. The removal of urine-soaked insulation from an attic is part of the important pest prevention in San Leandro process to remove pheromones that lead to new wildlife invasions. In addition, by removing the contaminated materials from a building, property owners are less likely to experience foul odors from animal waste.

A Reliable San Leandro Pest Management Company

To prevent new wildlife infestations, pest management in San Leandro is necessary by having The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control team make repairs to a structure. By sealing crevices with wire mesh and caulking, our technicians can stop rodents and birds from entering wall spaces and attics. It is never a good idea for amateurs to try to capture or eliminate wildlife from a building due to the dangers from bites and scratches that can cause an illness. Our Walnut Creek and San Leandro pest management company has the correct equipment to trap animals according to local regulations. With our San Leandro pest control methods, we are able to trap animals humanely to remove skunks and chipmunks from a building.

Attic Cleaning

Our San Leandro pest management company knows how to follow the laws pertaining to capturing protected animal species to avoid financial penalties from government agencies. Several types of bat species are protected during breeding seasons, and after these animals are removed, we provide attic cleaning to eliminate waste that can leak through drywall.

Pest Prevention In San Leandro

Bats can transmit rabies, making these animals dangerous, but with our pest prevention in San Leandro methods, these mammals are unable to enter a building’s rooftop. Not only do we remove the adult bats from a building, but also, we look for the infants to prevent a new problem as the animals grow. For the highest quality pest management in San Leandro, call The Hitmen Termite and Pest Control on a routine basis for a building inspection.

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