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San Leandro exterminator service is, unfortunately, something we all have to think about on occasion. Hitmen Termite & Pest Control company has knowledgeable San Leandro exterminators who are ready to work at residential and commercial properties.

Did you know we also provide bee-friendly wasp pest control solutions?

Pest management is important for everyone’s properties but is especially vital for restaurants and commercial kitchens in order to maintain health code standards. Our exterminators can create a schedule for routine inspections of homes or businesses to determine if there is an infestation of rodents or insects. So don’t hesitate. Give us and our professional Concord or San Leandro pest control professionals today.

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In many cases, mice, cockroaches or other vermin will hide in difficult to see locations in a building and only scurry around late at night to find food. While amateurs are unable to find vermin hiding in these areas, our exterminators in San Leandro understand exactly where to look for insects and rodents. With our efficient Hayward and San Leandro pest control methods, our customers will not need to worry about contamination from rats or cockroaches.

We Provide Attic Cleaning Services

Our customers probably want to know what our exterminators do when inspecting a property to look for rodents and insects. We begin by looking in a building’s basement or crawl space before inspecting main floor levels. Our exterminators in San Leandro will also complete an attic cleaning process when we find vermin such as bats, raccoons or rats living in the space. These mammals will urinate and defecate on insulation and drywall inside an attic to mark territory, leading to a foul odor and damaged surfaces.

The only way to make sure vermin will not return to the attic is having our Castro Valley and San Leandro exterminators remove the urine-soaked materials. During this process, we are also able to find and remove nests that contain young.

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Our San Leandro pest control company offers a variety of exterminating methods, including using steel traps to catch wildlife or bait traps to eliminate filthy cockroaches. We are aware that some of our customers want to use environmentally friendly or humane extermination methods. Instead of using man-made chemical pesticides that lead to insects and rodents that are resistant to extermination, The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control exterminators prefer applying biological treatments.

With biological treatments, vermin will carry a poison back to its nest to contaminate other rodents or insects. With this method of pest management, many types of vermin become infertile and are unable to breed.

Hitmen Termite & Pest Control make the saying exterminators near me sound like a good thing!

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