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Pleasant Hill Termite Control

The Pleasant Hill termite control professionals that work for us are some of the best in the business. When homes have an infestation of wood-eating insects, Pleasant Hill termite control is required. At The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control, we have expert exterminators available to perform a termite inspection to determine where these insects may be lurking.

The Kinds Of Termite Control Offered By Our Pleasant Hill Termite Company

Our Concord and Pleasant Hill termite company understands the particular species of insects that proliferate in this region, and our team can find nests quickly to create an extermination plan. For small infestations with only a few termites, we can provide effective localized treatments that are designed to eliminate the insects before making fungus repairs. However, for major infestations throughout an entire building, we recommend fumigations with a tenting process or application of natural orange oil.

We discuss our treatment plans with our customers before beginning any Pleasant Hill termite control method.

Reliable Termite Proofing In Pleasant Hill

While The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control provides effective termite removal in Pleasant Hill, we recommend termite proofing in Pleasant Hill instead to prevent infestations. An invasion of termites can lead to serious structural damage to a building that will require thousands of dollars of repair, and in many cases, families are unable to live in a home during the process. Termites seek buildings that are damp, making it easier to chew the wood. While consuming wood, termites add fungus to the materials, leading to additional structural problems.

The presence of fungal growth will attract other insects and lead to additional damage, but our fungus repairs are designed to eliminate all spores to avoid attracting more insects. Our termite inspections may also reveal that the insects are invading by crawling through the dirt on lawns, but termite proofing in Pleasant Hill will stop this from occurring.

The Go-To Professionals For Termite Removal In Pleasant Hill

Many of our Pleasant Hill termite company’s customers are concerned about using harsh chemicals during fumigations because of the dangers of contamination. However, orange oil is a safe substance to use for termite removal in Pleasant Hill. Orange oil applications are highly recommended when a building is infested with certain types of termites. This substance is an irritant that can erode an insect’s body, and the scent from this oil also eliminates pheromone trails to prevent new infestations of termites.

The professional exterminators here at The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control can use biological, natural and/or traditional localized treatments or tenting methods to perform termite removal in Pleasant Hill.

Hitmen Termite & Pest Control make the saying exterminators near me sound like a good thing!

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