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The Pleasant Hill rodent removal experts that work for us are guaranteed to have the training and experience to handle your rodent infestation. High-quality rodent proofing in Pleasant Hill is the best way to prevent invasions of mice and attic rats. So if you need any kind of rodent control help, then please do not hesitate to contact the Pleasant Hill rodent removal specialists here at The Hitmen Termite and Pest Control.

Signs Of Mice And Attic Rats

Rodents are able to climb rain gutters and siding to reach the rooftop of buildings in order to squeeze into tiny crevices. Rodents want to live in wall spaces and attics because the places are warm and dry, making the areas perfect for nesting and breeding young. Homeowners may notice a foul odor from the rodent’s urine or notice stains on ceilings or walls. As the vermin scurry through walls, homeowners will hear noises.

As the rodent population increases, the vermin will begin to enter the occupied areas of buildings to seek food, and homeowners may notice bits of hard waste along baseboards. It is essential to call us for rodent control in Pleasant Hill and/or Concord before a building is damaged from body waste that also attracts insects.

Reliable Rodent Control In Pleasant Hill

There are several types of Pleasant Hill rodent removal, including using sticky boards, steel containers or snap traps. If rodents are entering kitchens or other common areas, then snap traps or sticky boards are often effective rodent control in Pleasant Hill methods because exterminators can remove the dead bodies immediately. However, if there are family pets or children inside a home, it is dangerous to use traps that snap or have poisons. A humane way to capture and eliminate filthy rodents is with steel traps that are placed near entrances and exits. When rodents are captured in these steel traps, an exterminator takes the vermin to a new location for humane euthanizing.

Rodent Proofing In Pleasant Hill

Homeowners should not attempt Castro Valley and/or Pleasant Hill rodent removal because the vermin can bite, causing an injury. Mice and attic rats also carry fleas and roundworms that can transfer to humans, cats and dogs. Our extermination team understands how to capture rodents safely to avoid contamination from pathogens and to prevent having decomposing carcasses inside walls and attics. After removing all of a building’s mice and attic rats, our team begins a complete rodent proofing in Pleasant Hill process.

Older homes are often the buildings that were not built with materials that keep out rodents. Our The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control exterminators in Pleasant Hill look for holes to cover with metal plates to ensure vermin are unable to enter again.

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