Argentine Ant


Actual Size: 1/12″ – 1/8″

Characteristics: Range in color from light to very dark brown and have antennae with 12 segments as well as six legs


  • They are an invasive species known to displace native ants.
  • They are one of the most common ants in California, thought to have been brought to North America from Argentina through imports, a long time ago.
  • A single colony can contain up to several hundred thousand workers.
  • They are attracted to wet environments near food sources.
  • Argentine ants leave trails of food and spread bacteria wherever they go.

Argentine Ant Behavior & Habits

Argentine ants are versatile and can be found living in soil, underneath wood, debris, and at the bases of shrubs or trees. They are drawn inside of homes for any number of reasons and can multiply quickly, especially since colonies contain multiple queens.

When large colonies are present, they generate long and strong pheromone trails when foraging, and travel in noticeable lanes. While queens feast on protein and greasy foods, workers go for all things sugary. They’ve even been known to feast on other dead insects in the home.

Are Argentine Ants Dangerous?

Argentine ants are considered to be a very serious pest due to their invasive nature and their ability to grow to monumental sizes. They are drawn to waste and decaying material spread bacteria, and can contaminate food. Because they grow so quickly, they can rapidly form interconnecting colonies that can lead to a massive infestation. Although they don’t pose any serious health threats, their sheer population size is enough to disrupt anyone’s daily life.

Preventing Argentine Ants

Just like with any pest, prevention comes down to a matter of staying vigilant. Storing food properly, staying on top of removing garbage, reducing clutter, and eliminating standing water are all proven methods of reducing ant infestations. Making sure your home is sealed will also help.

Argentine Ant Control Solutions

With how large Argentine ant colonies are, they aren’t hard to miss. If you see hundreds of these ants outside your home, it’s important to call a professional right away before they gain access inside your house.

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