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Orinda ExterminatorOrinda exterminators are available today to eliminate pests. At The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control, we provide services at residential and commercial properties. We can remove wildlife such as raccoons, rats or bats from an attic or eliminate insects and arachnids that are living inside wall spaces. So if you are having pest problems, then just pick up the phone and contact our Orinda exterminators right away.

Licensed Exterminators In Orinda

Our customers should not attempt to eradicate pests themselves because animals bite and attack. Insects such as cockroaches carry pathogens that cause illnesses and black widow spiders can inject dangerous venom. Our licensed exterminators in Orinda understand how to capture or destroy pests. This makes a home or business safer to live or work in. When a property owner finds a rodent or insects inside a building, we recommend calling an Orinda exterminator immediately.

Attic Cleaning From Our Experts Prevents New Pest Infestations

The animals that invade a building’s attic leave trails of debris that will attract more vermin. The hard waste and urine from rodents will seep into a building’s walls. The only way to keep more pests from invading is through attic cleaning. The waste from pests contains pheromones that attract mates for breeding. Our exterminators can remove damaged materials and clean contaminated surfaces with cleansers that remove these odors. An important part of cleaning an attic is also sealing entrances to keep the animals from returning.

Exterminators Can Provide Routine Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance services on a routine basis keep pests at bay. Our exterminators can inspect a building to provide recommendations for improvements to avoid infestations. We might notice that our customers keep open wastebaskets in their kitchens that attract pests. Additional problems that can require remediation are holes and crevices near utility lines or around windows and doors. These tiny spaces make it easy for spiders or insects to enter. The small spaces also make entering easier for mice and rats. The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control has licensed exterminators in Orinda who provide routine inspections and preventative maintenance. Call us and our exterminators in Orinda today.

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