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Our Lafayette termite control specialists here at The Hitmen Termite and Pest Control are always standing by to help you with any and all of your pest control issues. There are a number of pests that at times begin making their presence known in a property. One of the most common types of pests around is termites. These are insects that eat and consume wood in a property. If left unattended, they can create considerable damage to a property and destroy it. As a result it will be necessary to eliminate these pests as soon as possible as well as making any repairs from the damage they caused. Fortunately there are a number of ways to eliminate termites and our Lafayette and Danville pest control company will be your best source of accomplishing this task.

A Quality Lafayette Termite Company

When looking to eliminate termites from your property, you will benefit by using our Lafayette termite company. Our Dublin and Lafayette termite company is a pest control business that helps eliminate termites through extermination. With their services, termite removal will be quick and efficient. Getting the best termite removal in Lafayette will help you maintain your property and eliminate one of the most troublesome types of pests around. Once you eliminate termites it will be necessary to engage in termite control. With Lafayette termite control, you will follow a certain set or procedures to keep them out such as inspections and using pesticides.

Fungus Repairs And Localized Treatments

While eliminating termites may be great for you and your property, they will oftentimes leave damage to your property. Therefore you may need to make fungus repairs as well as use localized treatments to keep them out. One of the first things you will need to do in order to restore your property is make fungus repairs. Since termites consume wood they may sometimes leave fungus which causes damage. Therefore you will need to make repairs. It will also be important to use localized treatments in order to keep termites out of your property as well as use chemicals to help restore the materials of your Lafayette or Livermore home that termites may have damaged.

Termite Proofing In Lafayette

After eliminating termites from your home and making repairs it will then be necessary to engage in termite control. This is a process in which you follow certain procedures to keep them out and prevent them from returning to your property. As a result it will be important to engage in termite proofing in Lafayette or Pleasanton. Using a pest control company will help you get termite proofing in Lafayette which will often include fumigations, using orange oil and getting a routine termite inspection. With fumigations and orange oil you will get assistance in using chemicals to eliminate termites as well as keep them away from your property. A termite inspection will consist of the exterminator coming over each month to check out your property and make sure that there are no termites present in your Lafayette home or business.

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