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Lafayette Rodent Control

Our Lafayette rodent removal and rodent proofing technicians here at The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control are experts in their field. You may hear them scurrying about or gnawing. You may even have seen them, the damage they have done or even their droppings, but they seem to be invincible and impossible to get rid of. It’s time to call in our technicians to handle your rodent problem and keep them from invading your Lafayette or Pleasanton home / business.

Experts In Lafayette Rodent Proofing And Removal

Attic rats and mice are fast breeders and can squeeze into the tiniest of spaces and holes. If there were no holes before they invaded, there will probably be some before they leave. Rodents can spread viruses, bacteria and diseases as well as bring along fleas and ticks when they invade. The professionals at our Lafayette and Livermore company can protect you home, business and garden from these pest and prevent future infestations.

A Wide Variety Of Rodent Control Solutions And Services

Our services include trapping, removing, preventing re-entry or rodent proofing and inspections to detect their presence, identify the culprits and find their nest. Inspections should be performed as soon as you suspect a rodent problem. Calling in the professionals at Hitmen can save you the worry and potential problems of disposing of dead rodents or having rodents die in hard to reach spaces and their decaying remains causing a very unpleasant odor.

Inspections Are An Important Step In Rodent Control And Proofing

The inspection does more than verify the presence of mice and attic rats and identify the need for rodent control in Lafayette or Dublin. It allows our trained technicians to see their entry points and find all the holes, gaps or spaces that can be breached. An important part of prevention is eliminating all entry points. Inspection also help to identify rodent traffic routes so that traps can be placed in those areas. Since rodents are naturally suspicious of new things in the environments, it may take from a few weeks to over a month before they begin to investigate the traps and trust them to be a possible source of food. We will return to check the traps until we are sure your problem is completely cured.

Some Things That Can Help With Rodent Proofing in Lafayette

Some suggestion that may help rodent control in Lafayette include keeping your property free of debris and wood piles. Keep plants away from the foundation line of buildings and trimming overhanging tree branches to keep them from the roof line. Eliminating potential places for them to nest outside the premises can stop them from further exploration and potentially damaging structures to enter. Cleaning away any signs that a structure was ever infested may help to prevent other rodents from being attracted to the structure. Because rodents reproduce quickly, a few mice can quickly become an infestation requiring Lafayette rodent removal. Do it yourself measures may not be enough. Call in the professional at The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control to eliminate your problem and for rodent proofing in Lafayette and San Ramon.

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