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How to Prevent Pests on Your Lawn This Summer

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No one wants to put weeks of hard work into their yard just to have it ruined by a pest infestation. Spring is the perfect season to beautify our homes with full flowerbeds and lush new growth, but it’s also the time of year when insects come out in full force. Over our decades of serving the Bay Area, we’ve come to know the specific pest problems its residents face very well. We’d like to share some information and advice to help you avoid pests on your lawn this summer.

Common Lawn Pests in the Bay Area

Many types of insects like to dwell just under the surface of the soil, making your lawn infestations inconspicuous. Here are three pests that you might find on your lawn this summer:

  1. Grubs: Grubs are beetle larvae that are laid in soil at the end of summer. After staying dormant all winter, they spend their spring chewing through grass roots, growing into their adult stages and continuing the reproductive cycle. They can be quite destructive, so it is crucial to get rid of grubs before they renew their stay on your lawn.
  2. Sod webworms: These worm-like insects are moths in their larval stage. They live right at the surface of the lawn, eating grass stems to sustain themselves. One sign of an active sod webworm infestation is an increase in birds on your lawn, poking at insects in the soil.
  3. Chinch bugs: These insects like to infest lawns that already aren’t the healthiest. They live at the surface of the lawn as well, drinking sap from blades of grass. If your lawn is decaying and you notice an unfamiliar purple-tinged yellow color in your grass, it means that you have chinch bugs.

How to Protect Your Lawn from Pests

It can be hard to recognize a lawn pest outbreak before your lawn is already compromised. Many kinds of lawn-dwelling insects will eat your grass roots until decayed spots of lawn appear all across your yard. Restoring your lawn without the help of professional lawn care services can be quite difficult. That being said, there are a few ways that you can maintain a healthy and pest-free lawn on your own:

  • Mow regularly. Mowing at least once a week will help, but don’t overmow to the point where grass growth is stifled.
  • Irrigate properly. An overwatered and an unwatered lawn can both serve as ideal homes for different kinds of pests.
  • Fertilize appropriately. Using a full fertilizer with nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus will supply your lawn with nutrients that promote strong roots and vibrant, green growth.

Professional Lawn Pest Control Services

The most reliable way to set up your lawn for a pest-free summer is to enlist professional help. At Western Exterminator, formerly Hitmen, we train our lawn pest experts to use a range of pest prevention strategies to ensure that your yard stays healthy all summer long. For a free estimate on lawn pest control, reach out today!

How to Prevent Pests on Your Lawn This Summer in the North Bay and East Bay CA Area

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