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How to Keep Ticks Away From Your Home & Yard

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Summer is a time of less worry and more good times in the sun for most. However, one thing that most of us worry about when summer comes is the increased risk of tick bites. Ticks thrive in warm and humid climates, especially in environments filled with people and animals. They inhabit woods, hiking trails, backyards, and many other places. Ticks have also been able to expand their domain given the gradually increasing temperatures we have experienced in recent years.

If you deal with tick problems year after year in the North or East Bay Area, read on to learn Western Exterminator, formerly Hitmen’s tick control methods and advice. We can help you figure out why there are ticks around your property and teach you what to do about it.

Keeping Your Yard Tick-Free

Ticks are often found in areas of healthy vegetation, dense tree coverings, or large populations of small animals. If your yard has any of these qualities, you should be able to find ticks all around this summer. To keep ticks out of your yard, take these courses of action:

  1. Clean up your yard: Any clutter can make for a great tick hideout. Piles of firewood, yard waste, old furniture, or garbage can give them shelter.
  2. Control wildlife: Ticks like to feed on the blood of small animals like squirrels, mice, rodents, raccoons, and more. Keeping them out of your yard will decrease the number of ticks, as well.
  3. Trim trees: Big, healthy trees provide great hiding spots for ticks. If they grow branches over your porch, patio, or anywhere else you like to hang out, ticks will be able to find you easily.
  4. Mow the lawn: Tall grass is another common place to find ticks. They will spend all day there, waiting for an exposed ankle or a small critter to latch on to.

Preventing Ticks Indoors

At their best, ticks can usually only live indoors for a few days. However, in indoor spaces that are more susceptible to high humidity, like sheds, bathrooms, and cabins, ticks can live for much longer. Most ticks make their way indoors by catching a ride on an unknowing subject, whether that be an animal or a person. Here are some ways to prevent ticks in the house:

  • Limit exposed skin: When you go on a hike with shorts and low socks on, ticks living along the trail have an easy target. The less exposed skin, the less likely you are to bring ticks home.
  • Apply insect repellent: Bug spray can be used on any exposed skin to ward off ticks.
  • Check your pets: Many dog owners find ticks in their house after taking their dog for a long walk or letting them spend the day outside. Make sure to check their fur for ticks when they come back inside.

Tick Control Specialists in the North & East Bay Area

If you’ve already found too many ticks around or inside your home this summer, talk to your local pest control company about what to do. At Western Exterminator, formerly Hitmen, we have helped many homeowners in the North & East Bay rid their yard of ticks quickly and effectively. For a free quote on long-lasting tick control services, contact us today!

How to Keep Ticks Away From Your Home & Yard in the North Bay and East Bay CA Area

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