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The Hercules exterminators here at The Hitmen Termite and Pest Control, we have knowledgeable exterminators who are ready to inspect residential and commercial properties in order to find rodents, insects or wildlife that require removal. Efficient pest control from our experts is vital to avoid having a business that is not following health codes. For homeowners who have problems with cockroaches or mice, regular pest management can prevent contracting an illness such as salmonella poisoning. Both rodents and insects can carry pathogens that are left on floor or countertop surfaces. Our exterminators in Hercules and Pleasant Hill know that customers want to have clean buildings that do not have vermin, and by contacting us to place traps near holes, insects and rodents are eliminated quickly.

Attic Cleaning From Our Professional Exterminators

When rodents, raccoons or squirrels invade a home’s attic, the animals create a mess with urine and feces. This waste attracts more animals to an attic, and a home will develop a horrible odor. The only way to stop vermin from entering an attic is with the installation of barrier systems after an attic cleaning process. Our exterminators must remove insulation and drywall that is located in the attic before applying chemicals that destroy foul odors. A Hercules exterminator understands how to avoid contamination while breathing the fumes created by animals such as bats. With proper attic cleaning, a property owner can avoid having new rodents invade due to the pheromone trails left behind by mice and rats. This form of Hercules pest control is essential to prevent massive amounts of damage to a building.

A Hercules Exterminator Can Offer Advice To Avoid New Infestations

One of our The Hitmen Termite and Pest Control exterminators in Hercules can offer advice concerning preventing an infestation from rodents or insects. An important part of pest management is keeping a building clean and free of clutter. Most insect and rodent pests enter structures where there is easy access to moisture, food and nesting locations, but if a property owner maintains a building’s cleanliness, then rats and ants are less likely to invade. A Hercules exterminator is able to determine where animals and insects are entering a building by looking for waste and tufts of fur. By placing metal panels over crevices and holes, a property owner can avoid infestations from pests.

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