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The Hayward rodent removal professionals here at The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control are some of the best in the business.

When it comes to rodent control in Hayward at residential and commercial properties, we’re the company to call.

No one wants to have an infestation of mice or attic rats in a building, but we know how to find the vermin’s entrances to capture the animals.

Rodents carry infectious pathogens such as bubonic plague.

So our customers want the animals eliminated as quickly as possible.

Our Castro Valley and Hayward rodent removal processes include inspecting all areas of a building to determine how vermin are entering.

A rodent seeks food sources inside buildings that offer access through crevices in foundations.

Attic rats have adapted to climbing up downspouts or tree branches to reach rooftops to invade attic spaces that have insulation, electrical wires and wood.

Reasons To Call Us For Rodent Control In Hayward

Rodents chew continuously on these materials to keep teeth sharp enough for entering food containers.

A building may have an invasion of mice that can squeeze through tiny holes to enter wall spaces.

If a building has one adult mouse, then there is likely a nest hidden somewhere that contains a new generation of vermin.

Rodents breed rapidly, and before one of customers is aware of it, there are hundreds of animals scurrying and scratching inside the walls.

Most rodents seek food at night along a building’s baseboards, leaving a trail of disgusting urine and feces that can make people sick.

So don’t hesitate.

Give our team of professional Hayward rodent removal technicians a call today.

In addition to steel traps to provide humane capture of attic rats and mice, our Hayward rodent control experts use sticky traps.

Trapping vermin is preferred because poisonous baits lead to carcasses that create a foul odor inside walls.

To perform the best rodent control in Hayward and/or Walnut Creek, our team of exterminators recommends multiple visits to a property to capture the adults and future generations.

Rodent Proofing In Hayward

The best way to prevent an invasion of vermin into a building is with our expert rodent proofing in Hayward services.

Our services for rodent proofing in Hayward and Alamo include caulking crevices and installing wire mesh over holes.

We can place devices on roofs to keep rodents out of chimney stacks or to keep the vermin from chewing through shingles to enter an attic.

Your Go-To Solution For Rodent Control In Hayward

When it comes to rodent proofing, removal and extermination, we’re the go-to professionals in the area.

We have been providing our professional and affordable services for many years and we always come highly recommended by our many satisfied customers.

So if you need the help of our team of Lafayette and Hayward rodent control specialists to help you with your rodent problems, then you’ve come to the right place.

Hitmen Termite & Pest Control make the saying exterminators near me sound like a good thing!

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