100+ Customer Reviews from Loyal Clients

We had an issue with insect bites in our bedroom so we called a bed bug company. They just did the spray without detecting the bed bugs and charged us $1,500. Then, the situation didn’t improve. We called a K-9 bed bug detection company and it turned out that we had no bed bugs. They suspect it might be some kind of mites. So, they recommended The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control and I gave it a shot. My technician, Vince came over and treated the bedroom and set up some traps and rodent traps outside since our backyard is facing an open field.

We are very happy to have service from them and they really respect our unique family situation such as dogs and a baby. I highly recommend this business!!!

T. N. – Livermore

Our contractor mentioned that the barrier The Hitmen had installed 5 years ago was really well done and incredibly effective.

Paul O. – Mill Valley

Hitmen came out during the two-hour time frame appointment. Professional and courteous. Took care of our wasp problem at our house. 30-day guaranty. So far so good. Will use again when needed!

Ken C. – Vacaville

We recently bought a house in Santa Rosa and noticed we had some problematic housemates. Matt set a couple of out traps for us, showed us how to properly set the traps and told us the best kind to use and where to put them. If only everyone was as happy and helpful as Matt!

Heather F. – Santa Rosa

We have been using The Hitmen for over a year now and are very happy with their service. We had ants and spiders in our house, and ticks in our backyard. Since we have been using their service, we have only seen one spider in our house the whole year, this is down from seeing them every day. Our ant problem is also gone as well as the ticks we were seeing on our dogs.

I also love that they only use natural pest control products on our home like essential oils and do not use toxic chemicals. These natural products totally work and there is no need to expose yourself to toxic chemicals when the natural products work so well. Also, our technician Andrew is amazing, he goes above and beyond to give us the best customer service imaginable, which is very rare in this day and age.

We are very happy this company and highly recommend them.


The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control technicians and receptionist are extraordinary. I had Michael come out to by home because a rat chewed (and destroyed) my expensive dishwasher. Michael was amazing! He inspected inside and outside my home and set traps. A week later, Emile made the necessary repairs to ensure rodents do not enter my home. I have weekly visits from The Hitmen to inspect rat traps, and “we” successfully trap ’em!

I have had other pest control companies come to my house, but none performed as thoroughly as The Hitmen. I am VERY satisfied with the attention to detail, professionalism, and friendly technicians. There are not enough adjectives to explain how I feel about this company. A job well done!

Joanna M.

Danny is a very good communicator. He kept me updated on his work schedule and came out three times to get the job done. I know he went over and above the call of duty with my spider infestation and I highly recommend The Hitmen and their dedication.

Jeff S.

After working with 4 different pest control companies, we were about to give up. Our neighbor recommended The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control and they solved our roof rat issues very professionally! I would highly recommend this company.

Trudy N.

We were looking for a company who does the Orange Oil Treatment. We live in Fremont and called The Hitmen. We decided to do the 2 Orange Oil Treatments. We made an appointment for the work to be done (no tenting involved). One Orange Oil Treatment was done under the house (drywood termites). The second type was done on the exterior around the perimeter of the house (subterranean termites).

I would highly recommend this company. The service was great from the very beginning from calls to and from the office, the inspection, and the actual work itself.

Cindy P. – Fremont

After what had seemed like days of stressed out vacuuming, steaming, and lots of nights without sleep, I finally decided to call an exterminator. Jim was fantastic. He was the first exterminator to get back to me, wanted to get in to check same day, and actually killed the pests same day. If I ever need a bed bug exterminator again, Jim is definitely going to be the one I’m calling.

Sarah Graham – Pleasanton

Easily the best in town!

Philip W. – Windsor

When we needed rodent and pest control, a friend recommended The Hitmen. They provided exclusion work fast and effective. The guy who comes to check traps and spray the yards is polite and knowledgeable. Definitely recommend them.

Sharon Robinson – Fairfield

After reading reviews of The Hitmen, I decided to give them a try because they used organic methods to get rid of pests.

David S.

I had a termite hole appear in my upstairs hardwood floor. As a general contractor with over 30 years experience in construction, a homeowner and a landlord, I have dealt with many pest companies including some of the big names like Clark, Terminix and Orkin.

I wasn’t interested in a full fumigation so I called The Hitmen to learn more about the Orange Oil treatment as an alternative. Both the inspector and the tech who did the treatment were very nice guys and were knowledgeable.

Even though I know more than most folks, I learned a few new things about termites. They showed up exactly when they said they would, and did exactly what they said they would. The two-year warranty seems reasonable for the price of the service. At this point, I’m very satisfied.

Linda S.

I don’t usually post reviews but felt compelled to do so after getting such great service from The Hitmen (love the name!). Great company and terrific workmanship.

Jill J.

Always great service provided by their technician, Mike. He’s very careful to treat every inch of my house’s exterior. Never had a problem since he’s been our guy. I would definitely recommend The Hitmen.

Michael B.

I would definitely recommend this company Rick, and Jason are amazing and their service is top rate. They’re polite, efficient, always on time, and above and beyond in helping you get the problem solved. Call The Hitmen!

Sarah B.

Black Widow Spiders can grow up to 1.5 Inches

Black Widows Inside HomeI’d been worried about spiders that were getting into the garage that my gardener told me were the “wrong kind”.

So I had been thinking about getting someone in, and when I saw a black widow and some other nasty ones I was nearly moved to action…but the catalyst was when “Basil” the rat (Fawlty Towers reference for those interested) decided our fence was his route, and he always timed his run during al fresco dinners. I phoned a few places and then got a recommendation from my realtor for The Hitmen.

They were the only company that phoned back promptly, got a man out – Mike – exactly at the most convenient time for us. He spent a great deal of time checking out the property and alerted us to issues with carpenter ants.

We signed up for a regular service, and I am delighted to say no creepy crawlies in the house, and the suspected Basil is no longer with us.

Today Gary showed up on time for the first check (and discovered Basil), set some additional traps, moved one that was a bit too visible and generally did a great job. I don’t have much experience with exterminators, but so far so perfect. Great job guys…keep it up!

Rita H.

We’ve used The Hitmen for over 10 years. Simply put they are the best.

Vic A. – Sausalito

My experience with The Hitmen has been exceptional. The customer service is courteous, efficient, and follows through on their commitment to communicate with the staff in the field. The representative from The Hitmen who came out to give me a quote was on time, and very professional. He took the time to explain how the extermination would take effect on the bees, wasps, and ants that were so problematic to the exterior of my house.

So far I have had one extermination, and I am very happy to say that the problem pests are gone! I highly recommend The Hitmen. They’re a great organization with a great product.

Vicki W. – Alameda

I hired The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control a couple of years ago because of a problem with attic rats! Michael has been servicing this problem on an ongoing basis, and I have recently contracted for the alternate month service to include spiders, webs, and outside rat traps.

Michael and The Hitmen have worked very hard to inhibit the rats from entering my space. Finally, I am happy to say that the last couple of checks have been clear. I am very happy with The Hitmen’s service, and I hope that the rats are gone for good.

Karen D. – Santa Rosa

As a local business, it’s important to get the problem solved quickly and efficiently and that is exactly what The Hitmen does!


I had a carpenter ant problem along the outside wall in the plank ceiling of our bedroom. The Hitmen technician did an initial treatment inside and out, which resulted in many dead and dying ants dropping to the floor. After a week, some dying ants were still dropping. I called the technician, and he came back and did a second treatment, at no cost, which solved the problem. He was very professional and very courteous. I highly recommend this company.

John T.

We’ve been using The Hitmen for 5 years. First when we had termites in our condo and now in our home in Petaluma. We highly recommend them.

Manuela & Gregg – Petaluma

Fantastic company! They work with our crew to help us maintain our 5-star status with the health department. We would recommend The Hitmen to anyone, from the management at Big Boy’s Buns & Burgers.

Ricardo V.

The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control’s customer service was superb and professional when I called. The tech who came out to service our attic was professional, knowledgeable and made us feel at ease about catching these rats. He did a thorough inspection once in our attic and found where they were coming in from the side of our house. I would highly recommend this company again for all your pest needs and will use them again in the future!

Strands D. – Santa Rosa

I contacted The Hitmen from a strong recommendation of a friend of mine, who has used this service for years and is very happy about the product, results and price.

Stan B. – Novato

Perfect! I called The Hitmen on a Tuesday morning for a yellow jacket nest. They sent someone out Wednesday morning and the technician was very knowledgeable and I would highly recommend this company.

Emily B.

I have used The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control several times and have been thoroughly impressed every time.


I have a yearly contract with The Hitmen’s services and have had prompt and reliable responses to all extra help needed in the past. But, today’s response for help went above and beyond! Handled all by email only one day ago, I wrote I needed help ridding my attic of a terrible smell! Matt came out and bravely found the dead critter! Good riddance to the intruder and thank you to The Hitmen and Matt for the prompt and efficient service!!!!

Jean S. – Healdsburg

I have had The Hitmen servicing my ranch property for many years, probably more than 10.

Ronni B.

As Seniors, it is very important to be able to trust people who come into your home and know each and every entrance and exit. We asked three people for references to exterminate rodents and all three recommended The Hitmen. We were very impressed w/ the representative Craig. He was extremely professional, clean appearance, knowledgeable, and thorough with his written report.

Marsha V. – Santa Rosa

Termite damage costs property owners over $5 billion annually

Termites Under Floor Inside HomeAbout three weeks ago, my wife and I were having the hardwood flooring in our kitchen replaced when we saw some damaged subflooring that we didn’t know existed, prior to the floor being opened. At first, we thought it was water damage but upon a closer examination, we saw little white bugs crawling around in the wood. Unsure of what it was, we called The Hitmen and spoke to a friendly lady in the office who asked us a few questions and told us it sounded like we had subterranean termites!

She got us on the schedule for a free termite inspection 2 days later. The appointment was set for 1 pm. We received a call from the inspector at around noon, letting us know he would be about 20-30 mins late as he was running behind from his inspection prior to ours. Chris arrived at about 1:15 pm. He asked us where our areas of concern were and immediately was able to identify our problem as subterranean termites. I expected at that point for him to jot down a quote, but he did not. Chris proceeded to give our house a thorough examination, from top to bottom. In all, it took him over an hour (keep in mind I had paid nothing up to this point). Upon inspection of our entire house, he informed us that we also had subterranean termites underneath the house.

The inspector was very knowledgeable about the different treatment options that were available to us. We received a copy of our report the next day via email. I was sold on using The Hitmen, right then and there but Chris actually encouraged us to get two other quotes from the companies of our choosing. Apparently, he was THAT confident in the quality of the work proposed, the length of the treatment guarantee, and his pricing.

We had two other outfits out as suggested. Our pricing ranged from $1200 to $1800 (The Hitmen was in the middle for our particular treatment). After realizing that the 5-year guarantee was the best, and the scope of work performed seemed the most detailed, we went with The Hitmen for our termite treatment.

From the time I called the office initially, to the time the treatment was completed, was a total of 5 days. The treatment guy showed up on time, was clean and neat, followed the report recommendations as described, and we couldn’t have asked for a better experience all around. Termites can be expensive and are no fun, but this outfit gets an A+ rating from us and we would use them again if needed.

Tom S.

If you are unfortunate to need extermination services, there is no company I would more highly recommend than The Hitmen.

Courtney P.

We have used The Hitmen and have referred them to friends. They have the best customer service and they do a great job. We don’t have any more problems with ants. They are respectful to us and they are careful around our pets. I would recommend them to anyone.

Gordon & Debbie

The Hitmen did the pest inspection on our home purchase and found quite a few minor issues. We chose them for the follow-up and we are glad we did so.

Ian S.

Just the word RAT gives me chills. My home in Santa Rosa is only 3 years old and spotlessly clean but none-the-less rats have been having a party in my crawlspace. Last night they chewed a hole in my water pipe resulting in me having to shut off the water to my house. The Hitmen left two hours ago and I have already heard a trap slam!

Karen P.

I was very happy with the professionalism of Todd, Service Technician of The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control. He did a thorough inspection of my residence which had a problem with wasps building their nest on the underside of my ceiling. Todd was also able to remove nesting areas of the spiders and he even recommended the removal of the overhanging tree branches over my roof.

I highly would recommend this company for your pest control needs.

Robert D. – Fremont

I highly recommend The Hitmen – and Miguel!

Kris B. – Santa Rosa

The crew from The Hitmen are great! They’ve helped me for the last three years – first with raccoons in the attic and recently with bees in my house. They are also on time, efficient and reasonably priced. I would highly recommend them.

Karen W.

Bed Bugs are a nightmare. Don’t use other pest control companies… THE HITMEN IN SANTA ROSA SHOULD BE YOUR ONLY CALL!

Lynn S.

I called Planet Orange, Omega too but their prices were twice as high as The Hitmen.

Miss T.

Chris did a great job. Very friendly and had no problem explaining things.

Alexandra Hein

Frank from The Hitmen has serviced our home for the past three years. The service we receive from him and the company is fabulous! Frank is ALWAYS friendly, helpful and accommodating. I am very pleased with the price we pay, and best of all, rarely do I ever see those nasty little eight-legged things 🙂 Frank and The Hitmen are the best!!

Wanda O.

Have used The Hitmen in Santa Rosa twice in the last several months. The service has been thorough and affordable.

Joyce S. – Santa Rosa

Highly recommend. Had an inspection done and Daniel was very helpful. The initial inspection and follow up were timely and informative. It was very. helpful to receive a phone call that helped narrow down his arrival time so I could go get things done rather than wait at the house for him for 2 hours. He even offered to drop me off at the shop where my car was being serviced so I wouldn’t have to walk.

Great service! Hope to never need these services again – but if I do I will certainly be calling The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control.

Valerie Z. – Santa Rosa

I am VERY happy with The Hitmen.

M.P. – Santa Rosa

We had a bunch of wasps hovering around our house all of a sudden so I called The Hitmen and Dustin came out to take a look. Super helpful and will definitely contact them in the future for any other problems we may have!

Erika B. – Pleasanton

An adult rat can squeeze through a hole the size of a quarter

Rats and Rodents Inside HomeI’m on the Board of an HOA in Marin County. We’ve had both rat and termite problems. We tried a couple well-known companies to deal with the rats, but they were unable to get rid of them, and they weren’t that responsive or understanding of the effect the problem was having on our homeowners. Then we tried The Hitmen.

Danny and his team were 100% committed to taking care of our out-of-control rat problem and they were relentlessly seeking out every aspect until the problem was under control. These guys really know what they are doing, and they were so personable and understanding of the issue.

We’ve also been dealing with a termite problem and we’ve had several inspections done by big brand companies that were quite vague about what they would do for the work they quoted. When we asked for more details, it was difficult to get an explanation, and one company actually refused to get back to us. On top of it, quotes varied tremendously. We then remembered how great The Hitmen was with our rat problem so we called them and immediately the difference in customer service alone, was such a big improvement.

Dave from The Hitmen spent hours with us explaining every detail. He even came to an HOA meeting one evening to address questions from the homeowners. Dave, Nester, and Joel came out to do the job. The only access to the affected areas was inside each unit and their interaction with homeowners was really pleasant and respectful. They were careful to protect carpets, walls, and cleaned everything up beautifully when they were done.

What a nice group of people! Their high degree of professionalism along with their guarantee gives us the confidence that this problem is resolved. I highly recommend The Hitmen for any termite and pest problem you have. They are thorough with no hidden fees, and their prices are comparably the most reasonable of all the choices out there. They really are professionals and their customer service ranks way up there. Especially after experiencing such poor customer service from other companies.

Carol M.

We love The Hitmen and have been using them for about 5 years now. They are family owned and the employees are very friendly, loyal and knowledgable.

They first came and put a barrier under our house to keep out pests and now they come every few months to check activity and they use green products to keep the critters away. They also spray our oak trees (against sudden oak death and a yearly moth invasion) and they’ve bundled the services and cut the tree service costs substantially.

We have had a rodent problem for years and kept trying to fix it ourselves, but after trapping one or two, the little buggers kept coming back. Finally called The Hitmen and within 90 minutes, Todd had found the hidden entry point. Problem solved. It was so easy, I wish I had done this earlier.

Allan H.

I needed a simple pest inspection to complete the processing of a Refinance of a VA Loan. Received a quote for the Section 1, while, I wasn’t happy with the total cost, the local manager for the area where my home is located, called me proactively and broke down the costs for me with 2 experienced professionals, and materials.

The fact that The Hitmen proactively reached out to me to provide a breakdown of their costs tells me this is a great company to do business with. Their repairmen were excellent and efficient with the work they performed. I recommend The Hitmen for your dry rot or termite work!

Dave D.

Technician Rick is beyond Fabulous! He’s committed to taking care of his clients! He is spot on in helping with our mole and gopher problem, spider strategy and river birch tree advice. He’s a very crucial part of managing a very expensive new front yard and backyard garden!

Thanks to The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control, especially Rick!

Jamie G.

If you have any bugs, ants or any kind of pest problem, call The Hitmen.

Jamil A.

These guys are pros. Our little rat family has bit the dust, and quickly, due to Todd’s comprehensive, thorough, professional approach. And rats are NOT getting in again, as the crew came and patched up the entries these critters were using. 7 rats, the mites that came with them, and the holes in our home (6) all completely gone and all fixed for a reasonable price. Very happy with their service!

Linda K.

Excellent service! I called The Hitmen to set up an appointment from 10 am to noon and at 10 am they showed up. Mike was very personable, handled the call very professionally and followed up days later. I was very impressed with his service and the company overall. Now I have them out every two months, well worth it!


Couldn’t be any happier with The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control. Every time I speak with them they are courteous and professional. Our service technician is Keith and he is a dedicated hard worker who gets the job done and done right. He is an asset to the company.

As a business owner myself, I appreciate a good hard worker, which is hard to find. To Keith and The Hitmen, thank you for all your hard work and service. I’ll be a continuous customer for years to come!


Keith is a great service tech. He is quick to respond, takes care of our property and shows up with a smile on his face.

Summer Weathers

I was given an appointment right away – no waiting time required. Eddie, the technician, was very knowledgeable, thorough, and fast. He gave me plenty of tips as to how to keep little and unwanted guests away!

Nattalie Kazandjian

Before I moved into my new apartment in Vacaville, I called several local pest control companies to see if they would perform a pre-inspection. After calling about 4 or 5 companies, I was finally able to speak with someone from The Hitmen who were more than willing to perform the job. The technician came out, did a thorough inspection, gave me insight on what to look out for and gave me more insight on some community involvement opportunities for my family, leaving my family happy and confident that we chose the right apartment.

Thank you for a job well done!

Mechele N.

We have been getting service from The Hitmen for 2 1/2 years and Vincent is our pest control provider. Vincent is very thorough, friendly and does a wonderful job. I most definitely will refer The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control to all I know.

Richard W.

Chris from The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control came over today to do an inspection and estimate. He was a really friendly and upbeat guy, explained everything to me really well and was very professional. Can’t wait to get rid of these dang moths!

Lea-Ann Snyder

James always does a great job; his level of professionalism and approachable personality while addressing the pests is very much appreciated in our work environment.

Jennifer Longstaff

James is awesome!! He is very professional, thorough, and conscientious. He is always pleasant and completes his job with a positive attitude.

Kelly Nichelini

Always courteous, great communication, solid results and good value!

Mathis Estate Management – Napa Valley

I am surprisingly HAPPY with my pest control service company.

Antwan Weathersby

Excellent service. Polite. Friendly. Recurring rat issues that they continue to monitor and control. Will is the best as far as being conscientious and helpful.

Dr. Nancy Ung

The Hitmen has been a consistent partner in pest prevention.

Michael D.

Flies defecate every single time they land

Source: rentokil.com

Swarm of Flies Inside HomeA few weeks ago I went to open my living room windows, and let out a scream when a CLOUD of flies emerged from the curtains. Flies, dozens of them everywhere. In the windows, in the curtains, on the ceiling – but curiously, nowhere near the garbage.

Over the course of the weekend, there were hundreds.

I searched online for pest control Marin County and called The Hitmen because of their awesome logo (true story: the associate on the phone told me his name is Guido) and asked them for a free estimate. They sent out a technician the next day.

Craig showed up on time and gave me the good news that these were bottle flies that likely came from a newly potted plant or otherwise from the dirt and would die out pretty quickly.

He didn’t try to sell me on any unnecessary services. And you know what? He was right. They pretty much all died out after a few days.

What a great outfit. Responsive, funny, friendly, informative, and fair. I hope I never have to call again, but if I ever do, I know where to go. Two snaps up!


A year ago, when we were having our roof replaced, the roofers noted some dry rot and recommended a pest inspection before they could go ahead. The problem was we were at the airport when we received the call. The Hitmen promptly sent someone over to our relief and all was able to proceed.

A different pest control company, Clarks, had given our whole house a treatment but had left concrete plugs over their treatment right at our front door. Clarks also never removed their green bait traps which seem to entice termites closer to our house rather than treating them. We never had these issues with The Hitmen. Thanks!


Very professional, friendly, informative, and on time.

Gabrielle S.

Have lived in this house for MANY years and have been lucky enough to never have a gopher or mole problem – until we tore out the front yard. While prepping one area for drought tolerant lawn (50-75% less water), a mole decided to join in and prep the area as only a mole can do.

I called The Hitmen and was lucky enough to have a very nice guy just finishing up a job pretty close to me. He was here about 30 minutes after I called, explained what he was going to do in the 2 treatments it would take to evict our new little friend and voila! No more mole. I was very pleased and would use them again – but hopefully won’t have to.

Tally D.

We’ve used them twice – for rats (yep, lots of them in Marin) and for a yellow jacket hive, and they were prompt, knowledgeable and helpful. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The Hitmen!

Marlene M.

We run a property management company here in Marin and use The Hitmen for our pest-related issues. We’ve found them to be timely, helpful, courteous, and above all – effective. We found three hornets nests in our backyard while remodeling on three different (!) occasions. Each time the pest technicians came out in less than 24 hrs and solved our problem so the remodel could continue. We absolutely recommend The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control.


Great, friendly, reliable service. No issues in almost 4 years.

Dr. Bruce – Petaluma

I am a loan officer in Pleasanton, CA and needed a pest inspection and clearance for a client in Novato. I called The Hitmen on the recommendation of a local Real Estate agent that I called out of the blue. They did a professional job and I can’t recommend them highly enough. I work with a lot of pest inspection companies in my job as a loan officer, and the service performed by The Hitmen is the best I have seen.

Mark W.

I have been a client for over 3 years. It started from the rat problem in our crawl space (no other extermination company wanted to address the issue) and since they did a great job getting rid of it, we signed up for a regular bi-monthly service. I am happy to say, that we don’t have an ant problem like we use to before with other companies. Our technician, Brian is a really cool human being, very reliable, and obviously doing a great job.

Magdalena F.

The owner of The Hitmen saved me $1,000s on a project because he was honest.

Jamie L. – Santa Rosa

The Hitmen takes care of my oak trees and rodents and I strongly recommend them.

Ira O. – Santa Rosa

The technician came on time and diagnosed the problem (as not carpenter ants). He told me how much he would charge to fix the ant infestation and how to do it myself. He was helpful and honest and I would call these folks again if I have any pest problems again.

Dru S. – Santa Rosa

Prior to The Hitmen, we used Orkin. And The Hitmen has been our best experience. Each person who has come out to our property has been very professional, knowledgeable and thorough across a variety of issues that the other companies just weren’t able to deal with.

Cameron F.

It’s unbelievable that I could give a 5-star review for an experience involving bed bugs, but in reality, 5-stars doesn’t even seem like enough.

Marcy R.

I use The Hitmen to deal with spiders around my house. It used to be that all the eaves were covered in webs and even when I used the power washer they would come back within a month. Since they treated and return for treatment regularly, it has been great. I feel like I ditched the witch that used to hang out and menace the house.

Tricia G.

5 Stars. Thank you, folks, for all your help.

Hema I.

My husband and I are incredibly grateful for the customer service at The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control.

When we were dealing with our problem, this company consulted with us on how to fix it and we weren’t even official clients! They went out of their way to save us money. I just can’t think of too many companies that do that. Instead of taking advantage of the vulnerable state we were in, they counseled us and guided us.

To them, we will be forever appreciative of their help.

Vanessa D.

Worked with Chris at The Hitmen who helped us get rid of a yellow jacket nest. He was very professional. Called to let us know when he would be here and was on time. Also got the job done. Very satisfied.


Bed Bugs can be found in your furniture too

Bed Bugs Life CycleI hired The Hitmen to help find out what was biting my son during the night. We searched the mattress and box springs for bed bugs, and although we found what looked like 5 casings, we did not find any actual bugs anywhere.

We knew the dog had fleas, but no one else in the house was being bitten, and we never saw fleas anywhere but on our pet, so we weren’t sure if that was the issue.

The number of bites on my son’s body indicated that it wasn’t a spider, and we’d searched his room thoroughly for signs of any pests. Mike from The Hitmen called me and we spent more than 45 minutes in a discussion about the problem. He was genuinely concerned about my son and was determined to rid us of the problem. He came to our home with an assistant and thoroughly sprayed for bed bugs and fleas all over the house.

It has been one week, and my son hasn’t been bitten once. Mike was professional, sympathetic, and thorough — even in follow-up communication.

I am very grateful for all they did for us and would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone looking for pest control with a caring and personal approach.

Corrine C.

Very professional and took care of the little buggers with no problem!

Jane J.

I saw 2 other companies before using The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control, and they were a million times better, professional, knowledgeable, and respectful. We had a rat problem and they checked the traps diligently until it was caught. They went the extra mile and I would recommend them to anyone.

Emily H.

We have been using The Hitmen for the past 4 years.

Their staff is always very friendly and courteous and were great at eliminating a critter problem we had. Very prompt and professional.

All in all, I would recommend them to a friend or neighbor.

Graham G.

These guys have always been responsive, efficient and taken care of business.

Danielle S.

I started with another company for a pest problem in our house that they were not able to solve. The Hitmen, on Todd Road, Santa Rosa, was the third company I worked with, and Brian was punctual, thorough and efficient in trying to figure out our problem. With their help, and expertise, we are on our way to finally eliminating our pest problem. I recommend them for any problems you might have.

Lisa S.

Will definitely use this company again.

Keli D.

We’ve been with The Hitmen for several years but recently needed critical extra help because of a large infestation of honey bees and large rats setting up nests. It was important to us to protect the bees and happily, The Hitmen saved the bees and the combs, moving them to a rural bee farm. It was not an easy job but one done with great care and success. And, the overrun of rats was taken care of efficiently and successfully after a two-step exclusion. We are really pleased with Nick and The Hitmen team.

Doug H.

Excellent service. I was confident in your company’s capacity to resolve my pest problems thanks to Terrance. Highly recommended! Thank you.

Sally R.

The Hitmen have been keeping the Rats at bay in my San Rafael yard. Can’t win the war but we are winning the battles.

John S.

James was informative, helpful and professional. We made the right choice in using The Hitmen.

Dean Hodges

Everyone at this company is fantastic! When I have an issue they are on it!

Ashley Diener

Very professional and responsive. Highly recommend The Hitmen for all pest related issues.

Bill LaLiberte

Going through a refinance and had to get a termite inspection quickly. I called The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control because they had done an inspection of my house for the prior owners. They scheduled my appointment quickly, and on the day of the appointment, the inspector Steve arrived as scheduled.

He found dry rot in three places, which needed to be repaired for my VA loan, but no evidence of termites. I elected to have The Hitmen do the work after a few phone calls revealed that no one else would be available to even give me a quote in the time required, much less get the work done to keep my refinance on track.

The repair crew arrived exactly on time and got to work. They were courteous from the start and efficient. Unfortunately, one of the areas of dry rot turned out to be termites once the fascia boards were pulled. They showed it to me and explained all my options for treatment.

Thankfully, the infestation was well contained, so they were able to spot treat the area. All of the work was completed within a day.

Julie H.

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