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Jennifer I. – Walnut Creek, CA

Hitmen Pest Control Reviews

“Hitmen Pest Control saved us from a major remodeling disaster! Recently I had finally saved up enough money to help my parents remodel their kitchen, which was long overdue. What we discovered turned this project into a nightmare. Behind the paneling of the kitchen wall were loads of termites and termite eggs eating away at the support beams. I couldn’t believe that my parents had not noticed this before.

I found the hitmen exterminators on Yelp and gave them a call that same week so we could hurry things along. I explained how we were remodeling our kitchen and how we found the termites. The guy I spoke to was really nice and told me not to worry because “termites is what they do best”, not that I was going to take his word for it. I wasn’t at my parents’ place when they came to exterminate the termites, but I was blown away by the results! You would never have known we had a termite problem just a couple days before except for the chewed up wood that still needed to be replaced.

My dad was really pleased with their work, in fact, he’s been doing some research to take precautions against infestations in the future lol. I wouldn’t hesitate to try these exterminators out, they seem to know what they’re doing.”

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Tanya P. – Pleasanton, CA

Hitmen Pest Control Reviews

“I just bought a brand-new couch from Bobs…or should I say Bobs BED BUGS! NIGHTMARE! Me and my boyfriend both got bites ONLY when we sat on our new couch. (Now I have couch anxiety and just want to sit on the floor forever.) I was honestly sick with anxiety until my friend told me to try Hitmen.

Thank god for these guys! Within two days of my call to Stephanie who was awesome, Jamie and Mark came to inspect my apartment. He did an extremely thorough sweep. Bed bugs were in fact found in my couch that I had my boyfriend take outside days earlier… : ( Stanley was so sweet and knowledgeable. He told me everything I needed to do and how to monitor the situation. He even gave me a follow-up call tonight for an update.

So far, no bugs and no bites. Yes, the company is more expensive than others but YOU DON’T WANT TO MESS WITH BED BUGS! I’d rather pay more and know I’m in good hands. I highly recommend the company. Ask for Stanley he was amazing! Will definitely keep using Hitmen and spread the word to others!”

E.B. – Pleasanton, CA

Hitmen Pest Control Reviews

“We had a bunch of wasps hovering around our house all of a sudden so I called Hitmen and Dustin came out to take a look. He told me the wasps we had were “paper wasps” and not aggressive at all and spray did not work very well on getting rid of them. The best thing we could do was spray their nests with soapy water in the evenings and then knock them down. He also explained about some other wasp nest we had attached to our house.

A mud dauber wasp nest. He was very knowledgeable about the different types of wasps and which types were problems. It was very interesting to learn about and I was relieved to hear that neither of the ones we had were problems. He also recommended to me that I get our bottom garage door insulation replaced as it was damaged and rodents could easily get into our garage. He told me where to go to get that done. There was no charge for him to come out and take a look. Super helpful and will definitely contact them in the future for any other problems we may have!”

S.R. – Fairfield, CA

Hitmen Pest Control Reviews

“When we needed rodent & pest control, a friend recommended The Hitmen. They provided exclusion work fast and effective. The guy who comes to check traps & spray the yards is polite and knowledgeable. Definitely recommend them.”

P.W. – Windsor, CA

Hitmen Pest Control Reviews

“Easily the best in town! I had to get a pest inspection for my home refi so I called Hitmen because my buddy Gary said he has used them extensively over the years. They booked my appointment and showed up promptly at 10 am. Eric was the person who did the inspection and I did the walk around with him as he explained every detail as we found some dry rot and then he crawled under the house which was wet from the rain. He said I had a fungus growing on the wood and it would need to be sprayed and then have a vapor barrier put down. I agreed, and I was booked for 3 days later and they finished within 4 hours.

By the way, when I called both times for the appointments, the phone only rang once and it was answered… about customer service, wow!”

H.F. – Santa Rosa, CA

Hitmen Pest Control Reviews

“We recently bought a house in Santa Rosa and noticed we had some problematic housemates. We ignored them for a few months but eventually scheduled for an inspection from Hitmen. We dealt with two hitman techs who were both very polite. The second one, Matt Larson, went above and beyond. He checked our attic, under the house, roof all the pain in the ass places no one wants to go. Like a magician he found their main entrance, I’m not quite sure how. Under the house In the corner behind our heat ducting and pipes, he found they had chewed through the siding on our house that was covering a vent. Even knowing where to look it took my husband a few tries to find it. We received a map of problem areas that we could fix ourselves or have them fix. Matt set a couple of out traps for us, showed us how to properly set the traps and told us the best kind to use and where to put them. If only everyone was as happy and helpful as Matt!”

P.O. – Mill Valley, CA

Hitmen Pest Control Reviews

“They first came and put a barrier under our house to keep out pests and now they come every few months to check activity and they use green products to keep the critters away. They also spray our oak trees (against sudden oak death and a yearly moth invasion) and they’ve bundled the services and cut the tree service costs substantially.

We recently had a major renovation to our house and our contractor mentioned that the barrier the Hitmen had installed 5 years ago was really well done and he felt, had been incredibly effective. Here in Mill Valley, we get everything from Rats to Skunks, Raccoons, Foxes, BobCats & those ugly Opossums with those freaky tails – we’ve had no invasions since we’ve started their service.

They’ve provided us with nothing but great service. Highly recommend.”

K.C. – Vacaville, CA

Hitmen Pest Control Reviews

“Hitmen came out during the two-hour time frame appointment. Professional and courteous. Took care of our wasp problem at our house. 30-day guaranty. So far so good. Will use again when needed!”

Miguel O. – Walnut Creek, CA

Hitmen Pest Control Reviews

“I’m so relieved that I chose Hitmen to clean up my ant problem. I have the worst ants apparently. If my roommate drops a crumb in his room the ants enter through my window and march by the millions right through the center of my room. And of course, they leave scouts behind that wind up getting in my bed and clothes. After a few days, I couldn’t take anymore so I decided to call an exterminator.

I chose Hitmen after seeing their video ad on youtube. The person on the phone was very well informed. I told him where I live and what the ants looked like and he told me the exact species I was dealing with. He told me this was an especially invasive species which sets up new colonies wherever its targets are.

I scheduled a next day appointment and they were right on time. They were able to remove several of the closest colonies to my window and they sprayed repellent around the window so they would at least find another entry point. Haven’t had any ants in my room since. Awesome work!”

T.N. – Livermore, CA

Hitmen Pest Control Reviews

“We had an issue with insect bites in our bedroom and first we called a bed bug company. They just did the spray without detecting the bed bug and charged us $1,500. Then, the situation didn’t improve. We called a K-9 bed bug detection company and it turned out that we had no bed bugs. They suspect it might be some kind of mites. They recommended The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control and I gave it a shot. My technician, Vince came over and treated the bedroom and set up some traps and rodent traps outside since our backyard is facing an open field.

Also, we had a lot of spider webs and insects outside even though we had a bi-monthly pest control service from another company. So we switched to The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control for the bi-monthly pest control and Vince always spends a good amount of time spraying eco-friendly material thoroughly even arbors and fences, setting up rodent traps and removing all spider webs.

We are very happy to have service from them and they really respect our unique family situation such as dogs and a baby. I highly recommend this business!!!”

Hitmen Termite & Pest Control make the saying exterminators near me sound like a good thing!

Call (800) 351-2488 today.

C.P. – Fremont, CA

Hitmen Pest Control Reviews

“We were looking for a company who does the Orange Oil Treatment. We live in Fremont and called The Hitmen as they were in the yellow pages stating they do Orange Oil treatments. After the inspection, we were told we have both drywood termites and subterranean termites. We were given the options of tenting and doing the Orange Oil for the subterranean or if we preferred, do 2 Types of Orange Oil treatments each related to the 2 types of termites. We decided to do the 2 Orange Oil Treatments. We made an appointment for the work to be done (no tenting involved). One Orange Oil Treatment was done under the house (drywood termites). The second type was done on the exterior around the perimeter of the house (subterranean termites). The work was done in a very professional manner and they were extremely thorough. You do not need to leave during the treatment and no prep work needs to be done. Orange Oil has a longer warranty then tenting. We were assured “IF” there is any problems call and they will come back and correct the issue. I feel very confident another trip will never be needed.

I would highly recommend this company. The service was great from the very beginning from calls to and from the office, the inspection, and the actual work it self.”

S.B. – Novato, CA

Hitmen Pest Control Reviews

“I understand about writing a complaint when necessary concerning an unsatisfactory service / product, but on the other hand, not taking the time to write (review) about an excellent service when recognized and appreciated. So hear goes, I contacted The Hitmen (rodent / pest control) service from a strong recommendation of a friend of mine, who has used this service for years and is very happy about the product, results and price.. From the initial phone call to The Hitmen (contact office person) to the serviceman (Daniel) who came out to my home (on time and ready to go) this morning and inspected my house in Novato. He knew what he was doing and how to fix the problem we have had with rodents over the years. Not only was there a great service plan offered (the price was right) but items / repairs that needed attention to fix our home problem were targeted by Daniel, and a terrific estimated was offered and an appointment was set to make updates to our home. I should of made a call to The Hitmen years ago. The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control is family owned and it shows with the attitude, knowledge and skills of Daniel and the Office staff I initially spoke with in the beginning. If you have had enough with the smells, flys and major problems of rodents, and if you also have a pet and are worried about a pest control person laying something down that might harm your animal – call The Hitmen, they know what they are doing, great service plan and the price is right!”

K.D. – Santa Rosa, CA

Hitmen Pest Control Reviews

“I hired Hitmen a couple of years ago because of a problem with attic rats! Michael has been servicing this problem on an ongoing basis, and I have recently contracted for the alternate month service to include spiders, webs, and outside rat traps. Because of the circumstances of my living space (I am connected to two other neighbors who are not on service) Michael and Hitmen have worked very hard to inhibit the rats from entering my space. Finally, I am happy to say that the last couple of checks have been clear. I am very happy with Hitmen’s service, and I hope that the rats are gone for good.”

V.W. – Alameda, CA

Hitmen Pest Control Reviews

“My experience with The Hitmen has been exceptional. The customer service is courteous, efficient, and follows through on their commitment to communicate with the staff in the field. The representative from The Hitmen who came out to give me a quote was on time, and very professional. He took the time to explain how the extermination would take effect on the bees, wasps, and ants that were so problematic to the exterior of my house.

So far I have had one extermination, and I am very happy to say that the problem pests are gone! I highly recommend The Hitmen. They’re a great organization with a great product.”

D.M. – Novato, CA

Hitmen Pest Control Reviews

“Thought it only right to add one more positive review to balance things out here a little. We had the Hitmen come out for both ants and rats (and the ants were getting increasingly out of control by the day – tried to handle them with home sprays, barrier treatments, etc for 3 weeks before throwing up my hands when the kitchen sink faucet was completely blackened out with ant bodies one morning).

The ants took a couple treatments to get rid of, but this cost was included in the initial visit/treatment plan (which incidentally was given free with a coupon from Angies List) without any additional charges, since we signed up for a year-long treatment contract. In addition, they did exclusion work to seal up several deep holes in our foundation – at a cost of $500 – perhaps slightly overcharged since the work estimate was 3 hours but really took 2, but better pricing than their competitors from other folks I’ve talked with. Anyway, it worked and no more creepy scratching in the walls in the middle of the night.

Overall I’ve been satisfied with the service – got the results that were promised. They did try to add an extra charge for a rat-trap check that was supposed to be part of the initial exclusion work, but I was able to clear this up with one phone call.

Agree that every 3 month service would be preferable, but supposedly they decrease the service frequency after the first year – we’ll see!”

R.D. – Fremont, CA

Hitmen Pest Control Reviews

“I was very happy with the professionalism of Todd Nuance, Service Technician of The Hitmen Termite and Pest Control. He did a thorough inspection of my residence which had a problem with wasps building their nest on the underside of my ceiling. Todd was also able to remove nesting areas of the spiders and he even recommended the removal of the overhanging tree branches over my roof.

I had shopped around with 5 pest control companies and this company had given me a fair bid as compared to their competitors who would have done the same type of service but were priced way above the job that was supposed to have been done.

This company had been very accommodating in terms of finding a convenient schedule to come to the residence.

I highly would recommend this company for your pest control needs.”

V.A. – Sausalito, CA

Hitmen Termite & Pest Control Customer Reviews

“We have used The Hitmen for over 10 years. Simply put “they are the best”. We had rodent exclusion work done 4 years ago and in all that time never had another rat in our sub area until this week. They came out immediately and did a FREE, thorough inspection and found a few areas that are problematic due to natural erosion. Hitmen quoted us a very reasonable price to fix everything. We have had nothing but positive experiences with their service and techs and highly recommend them.”

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