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Concord Termite Control

Quality Concord CA termite control services are always just a quick phone call away. As a homeowner, you probably understand the importance of cleaning and home maintenance. However, you may not understand the severe nature of pest control. While termites are incredibly small and difficult to see, they can wreak havoc on your home. Using this guide and the help of Concord termite control, you can enjoy termite proofing in Concord California and Hayward in a safe, effective manner.

Get A Termite Inspection At The First Sign Of Damage

These annoying pests love wood, but they can affect other areas of your home, as well. Fortunately, a professional termite inspection will ensure your home is free of these pests. Since termites and other insects are attracted moisture, removing any signs of moisture in and around the home is smart. Of course, this is not always possible, so consider protecting your home with a vapor barrier in the crawlspace. This is a great option for termite proofing in Concord and Castro Valley. Also, remove extra pieces of wood or lumbar around the home and dispose of pots and containers that may have rain water inside them. During the termite inspection, professionals will check your home for chipped paint, cracked areas, hollow or soft wood, visible pathways for the termites to travel through, and frass, which is the fecal matter of termites. If damage is noted, fungus repairs may be necessary before treating the home for termites. Fungus repairs remove any signs of mold, mildew, and moisture, which all appeals to termites. If termites are not found in the home, professionals will educate you on proper termite proofing in Concord.

Concord Termite Control Services

Our Walnut Creek and Concord termite control specialists recommend the use of orange oil to repel termites. Due to the unappetizing smell, orange oil will deter termites and other pests from affecting your home. If your home does show signs of termites, your Concord termite company will begin fumigations.

Termite Removal In Concord

To get started, the professionals will utilize fumigations to eradicate the termite issue in and around your home. Localized treatments focus on key areas of termites and their pathways into the home, ensuring the most effective termite removal in Concord and Alamo. These localized treatments may seem overwhelming and dangerous, but it is safe to use around your home, children, and pets.

The Go-To Concord Termite Company

Termites may seem like small problems, but they can quickly infest your home and grow into a colony of over 500,000. Fortunately, the professionals with a Concord CA termite company can protect, prevent, and treat your home for these problematic pests.

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