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The Concord rodent removal professionals that work for us are guaranteed to have the training and experience to handle your rodent problems in California. For efficient rodent control in Concord, contact our company today to begin routine or emergency extermination services. At The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control, we offer professional Hayward and Concord rodent removal for our commercial or residential customers.

Attic Rats And Mice

Pests such as attic rats or mice carry pathogens that include fleas and worms that can make people and family pets sick. During the night, rodents will scurry along a building’s baseboards to find food on the floors. While crawling along the floor, rodents defecate and urinate, leaving filthy body waste that people walk on. The only way to protect the health of people and pets is to call us to identify the species of rodents in a building before we begin a plan of treatment that is designed to eliminate the pests.

Reliable Rodent Proofing In Concord

When a building has an infestation of pests, we recommend rodent proofing in Concord CA and Castro Valley homes and businesses to keep out the attic rats and mice. We use a variety of techniques to prevent the infestations of rodents such as applying liquid caulking to holes and crevices near a building’s foundation and around doors or windows. Many rodents are able to chew through a building’s wood and drywall, but our exterminators can also place wire mesh screens over the pests’ entrances to prevent invasions. An exterminator can also provide advice on better rodent control in Concord such as how to store food properly. An inspection from one of our exterminators may reveal that rodents are entering a building in unusual ways, including climbing trees to enter a rooftop’s chimney.

Humane Rodent Control In Concord

Sometimes we are able to offer humane Walnut Creek and Concord rodent removal services that include placing steel traps near the vermin’s entrances and exits. With this method, we capture rodents to take to a different location for humane disposal. Sticky traps or steel traps are preferred over poison baits because most rodents will scurry into wall spaces to die, leading to a rotting corpse that attracts other types of vermin.

The Go-To Concord Rodent Control Professionals

Our professional rodent proofing in Concord California and Alamo services are an excellent way to prevent infestations of pests, but our customers also need to keep a building clean and organized to make it more difficult for the animals to hide. So if you need the help of a team of reliable and affordable Concord rodent control specialists, then you’ve come to the right place.

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