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Castro Valley termite control experts are always just a short phone call to us here at The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control away. Our team of exterminators and pest control specialists always comes highly recommended by our many satisfied customers. We have been the go-to exterminators for years, and we are the go-to professionals when it comes to pest control. Give our Castro Valley termite control specialists a call today!

Localized Treatments

The exterminators at our Walnut Creek and Castro Valley termite company understand how to perform localized treatments with orange oil at residential and commercial properties to eliminate insects. For our customers who are worried about building fumigations that require volatile chemicals, using a natural substance derived from orange peels is a suitable alternative.

Castro Valley Termite Control Prevents Dry Rot And More

Dry rot can be caused by termites consuming enough cellulose from a building’s wood foundation to cause structural damage. When customers contact us on a regular basis for fumigations, expensive fungus repairs to buildings are not necessary. Termites can invade by flying from one location to another before entering a small crevice or hole in a building. If there are no entrances, then termites seek rotted or decayed wood to chew through to get inside building frames. Termites consume cellulose materials, including drywall, wallpaper and wood cabinets, leaving behind waste that looks like sawdust or small pellets.

Avoid Expensive Fungus Repairs with Regular Exterminator Services

At our pest control company, our exterminators know how to perform Alamo and Castro Valley termite control to protect a building from severe damage. Environmentally friendly termite fumigations are now possible with fragrant orange oil that contains d-limonene that will block the scent of a termite’s pheromones, helping to prevent breeding and infestations. Many residents in this area want to use biological pest control methods that do not leave behind toxic residue that people and family pets can breathe or absorb into the skin.

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Termite removal in Castro Valley and Lafayette often requires multiple service calls from our exterminators. First, we must perform a termite inspection to find the insects’ entrances. After an application of pesticides, we verify that the adult termites are eliminated. Additional localized treatments with pesticides are necessary to destroy the new termites that hatch from the nests hidden inside a building. After our exterminators have eliminated all the termites from a property, we then perform termite proofing in Castro Valley services. So if you need the help of reliable Castro Valley termite control specialists, then give us here at The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control a call at (800) 351-2488 right away.

Get A Termite Inspection Every Year

We recommend a termite inspection at least once a year at businesses and homes to look for the signs of infestation. Termites can cause a significant amount of damage in a building in a short amount of time, including dry rot. With our termite proofing in Castro Valley and Danville services, our customers are less likely to have an infestation inside a building.

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