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Castro Valley rodent removal services for residential and commercial properties is always just a phone call to us here at The Hitmen Termite and Pest Control away. To ensure a building does not have filthy mice or attic rats, all it takes is the help of a good exterminator. Because rodents have lost natural habitat, the vermin enter buildings to have warm places to live in order to breed. Many of our customers do not know that a business or home has rodents until there is a serious infestation that has created a lot of damage to a building’s materials. Rodents will chew on a building’s electrical wires, water pipes and wooden foundation, leading to hundreds of dollars’ worth of damage that will require repair. So don’t hesitate. Contact our team of Walnut Creek and Castro Valley rodent removal specialists at (800) 351-2488 today.

Reliable And Routine Rodent Control In Castro Valley

This means that routine rodent control in Castro Valley and Alamo is essential to prevent invasions with safe removal of attic rats and mice. Our exterminators understand how to capture rodents humanely rather than using poisonous bait that family members and pets can easily ingest. Rodents are a huge problem in this geographic zone because of its year-round warm climate, making it easy for vermin to thrive. One of the most important things that our customers can do is request professional rodent proofing in Castro Valley to help prevent infestations.

High Quality Rodent Proofing In Castro Valley

Rodent proofing in Castro Valley and Lafayette includes an inspection by our exterminators to find, fill and cover crevices and holes in a building where rodents can enter. A rodent is able to squeeze through a tiny space in order to crawl through walls and enter attic spaces. Attics are warm places with soft insulation layers that are perfect for breeding and building nests. Our customers might have only one rodent in a building and six months later have dozens because the animals breed rapidly. When there are rodents in a building, the animals leave waste on drywall and insulation, creating foul odors. Castro Valley rodent removal is necessary to help protect a building.

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The Hitmen Termite and Pest Control exterminators understand how to look for the signs of attic rats and mice before beginning efficient rodent proofing in Castro Valley processes. Danville and Castro Valley rodent removal is performed first in order to ensure no vermin are still in a building after our exterminators caulk holes and crevices. Rodent control in Castro Valley can require multiple service calls because we must capture adult rodents and remove nesting materials before sealing the entrances where vermin invade.

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