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Reliable Blackhawk pest control is always just a quick phone call away. What is Pest Management in Blackhawk? When property owners want to prevent pest infestations inside commercial or residential properties, it is important to call The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control to hire professional exterminators. Pests can invade a building at any time of the year, but with applications of chemicals, and by sealing holes and crevices, insects and rodents are less likely to proliferate inside walls, basements or attics. Certain types of pests may invade a structure to build nests to breed a new generation. In some cases, a property owner has thousands of ants or hundreds of cockroaches without being aware of the problem until the insects begin to walk across kitchen countertops. Our Blackhawk pest management company understands how to apply specialized chemicals for different types of pests.

Why is Attic Cleaning Important?

Most of our customers forget to inspect attics when there are pests inside a building because the area is difficult to access. For pest management in Blackhawk buildings, we recommend attic cleaning to remove pheromone trails left on surfaces by cockroaches and rats. When insulation and drywall surfaces in an attic have pheromone trails, other pests can smell the odor from outside a building. Pheromones are designed to attract additional pests to a safe area where there is food, shelter and nesting locations. Removing debris from attics is a time-consuming and dangerous job for our customers, but it is easy for our exterminators who have the correct supplies. After removing materials that are soaked with waste, we can also apply chemicals or set humane traps to prevent another pest infestation.

About Pest Prevention In Blackhawk

At The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control, we offer efficient Blackhawk pest control services by having a service van that is filled with the equipment needed to cope with a variety of invasive animals, spiders or insects. In addition to removal of wildlife, birds or reptiles, we can provide advice to our customers concerning pest prevention in Blackhawk homes or businesses. Our customers might not notice that the large trees outside a building have hanging branches that make it easy for rodents to enter the small holes in a rooftop. An exterminator might recommend sealing the crevices that are located on a building’s foundation to prevent insects and spiders from invading.

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