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How do Bed Bugs Spread in the North and East Bay?

Bed bugs spread from one spot to another by attaching to purses, suitcases, backpacks, used furniture, etc. They can also spread to other units that share a wall.

Learn how bed bugs spread and lay eggs in the North and East Bay Area from Western Exterminator, formerly Hitmen

Bed bugs can easily spread:

  • College students often contribute to the spread when moving into infested rooms or traveling home with infested furniture.
  • People that travel to hotels with bed bug problems may end up bringing them home.
  • Bed bugs are often introduced into new spaces when infested used furniture is transported.

Are Bed Bugs Able to Fly?

Bed bugs have underdeveloped wings and thankfully are not able to fly. They also lack the ability to jump long distances, which makes them less mobile than fleas. To move from one area to another, bed bugs crawl! They are notorious for being slow crawlers when compared with other types of insects. However, because they hide in areas nearby where they feed, there’s no need to be quick. After feeding overnight, bed bugs will crawl back to their hiding spot until they emerge again to feed. It’s rare, but bed bugs can be seen crawling walls when they’re moving, or along the floor.


Do Bed Bugs Spread Quickly in the North and East Bay?

Bed bugs can move from one room to another by latching onto items such as purses, suitcases, luggage, or backpacks. Due to this fact, bed bugs are notorious for spreading and starting infestations after people travel. This is why it’s so crucial to be aware of bed bugs when you are traveling in order to avoid bringing them home with you! Another common way they spread is when infested items (bedding, mattresses, etc.) are moved from one room to another in your property, which can easily introduce the bed bugs into other areas. They may be slow crawlers, but they’re opportunists. They can spread throughout your property without you even noticing.

Can Bed Bugs Spread From Person to Person?

Contrary to what you may have heard, bed bugs are not contagious and do not spread from person to person! Bed bugs don’t like heat and will avoid having to be on humans for more than just a meal. Although they aren’t directly contagious, it is very common for bed bugs to spread from one building to another by traveling and moving infested items, as mentioned previously.

How do Bed Bugs Spread? in the North Bay and East Bay CA Area

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