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Do Bed Bugs Bite?

Yes! Bed bugs are most known for their bites. Although they aren’t usually felt when they happen, bites can cause red, itchy marks on your skin one to three days later.

Do bed bugs bite in the North and East Bay area? Find out from Western Exterminator, formerly Hitmen

Top bed bug bite facts:

  • Bites occur on areas of the body that are exposed at night, including the arms and legs.
  • Unlike other insect bites, bed bug bites appear in lines or zigzag patterns on the body.
  • Some people have no symptoms while others can get welts and more serious rashes from bed bug bites.

When do Bed Bugs Bite People?

Bed bugs are mostly nocturnal, but can emerge to feed any time of the day a person is at rest. People will not feel the sensation of being bitten by a bed bug and usually do not wake up during it. At most, bed bugs will feed for ten minutes or so. Once they’re completely fed and engorged, they will crawl back to their resting spot.

For the most part, peak bed bug activity occurs between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. However, they can adjust their schedule and will emerge to feed whenever their host is at rest.


Where Do You Get Bitten by Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs will bite different parts of the body that has exposed skin at night. The most common spots where bites show up are your arms, legs, hands, feet, and even your neck. Their bites occur in lines or zigzag patterns. But do bed bugs bite your face? Unfortunately, they can! Thankfully, bed bugs will not crawl into your nose, mouth, or ears anytime soon, which is a common fear many people have. Bed bugs only need to feed on the surface of your body and will retreat to their hiding spots after a meal (not burrow into your skin).

Are Bed Bug Bites Harmful?

Unlike some types of insect bites, bed bug bites aren’t too dangerous In fact, some people don’t even show symptoms at all! But usually, bed bug bites will leave behind red itchy marks on your skin. Occasionally, bites can form into rashes or welts, which should be attended to by a doctor. Bed bug bites are not known to transmit any diseases, and will typically heal in a week or two.

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