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Actions That May Be Inviting Termites In

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Summertime is the season for pests in the North Bay and East Bay Area, and there is no greater pest threat than the termite. Termite damage can often go unnoticed for long spells of time, even years, because termites are good at remaining hidden until their population grows to great numbers. This makes it important to take precautions against termite damage before an infestation begins. In order to do so successfully, you have to learn how to keep termites from being attracted to your property. Read on for the Hitmen Termite & Pest Control’s top termite prevention tips.

What Attracts Termites to Your Yard?

  1. Woodpiles: Many people make the mistake of stacking firewood against their house or on their porch for easy access. This can actually attract termites toward your home and give them an easy point of access, though.  You should always keep your woodpiles at least 20 feet away from your house and half a foot off of the ground. Stumps and logs in the yard, especially when they are decaying, can draw termites in, too.
  2. Drainage problems: Moisture problems are one of the main attractants of subterranean termites. These are the most destructive species in the United States, so it’s important to keep watch on your drainage systems. Make sure your gutters aren’t clogged and that rainwater is being diverted away from your foundation with down-spout extenders.
  3. Mulch: Mulch can provide a food source or food and moisture for termites near your property. Try to minimize your mulch usage or keep it at least 15 inches away from your home’s foundation.
  4. Wooden structures touching soil: If you have a porch or deck that touches the soil, you have to be especially careful about termite problems. Subterranean termites need access to moist soil to survive.

Keeping Termites Away from Your Home

You have to know how to best check for termites to conduct proper termite prevention at home. Here are some of the best ways to stay up to speed on termite control:

  • Fix any damaged roofing right away
  • Seal any cracks and crevices in your walls, siding, or foundation
  • Keep your garden neat and your trees and bushes trimmed away from your home’s foundation
  • Regularly inspect your decks, porches, or outdoor furniture

All this being said, the most effective way to prevent termite problems is to work with a professional termite control company.

Pro Termite Control in the North & East Bay

At The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control, we know how distressing termite problems can be for homeowners. We provide routine inspections, prevention treatments, and top-notch termite control across the North & East Bay Area to keep our customers’ homes termite-free year-round. For a free quote or more information, contact our team today!

Actions That May Be Inviting Termites In in the North Bay and East Bay CA Area

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