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3 Wasps You May Encounter This Summer

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Summertime in the North and East Bay Area is something everyone looks forward to. Warm temperatures bring about plenty of outdoor activities: hiking, camping, barbecues, picnics, days at the park, the list goes on and on. Unfortunately, wasps love the summertime just as much as you do! Infamous for ruining outdoor events, there are several types of summertime wasps that are very common this time of year. It can be difficult to identify wasps, and some are more aggressive than others. The team at The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control is sharing their expert info on the differences between paper wasps, mud daubers, and yellow jackets–read on to learn more!

Summertime Wasps to Look Out For

Paper Wasps

Paper wasps aren’t as hostile as other wasps, but are common this time of year. Here’s what to know about this summertime wasp:

  • They are similar in body shape to yellow jackets, but are mostly brown in color with yellow markings.
  • These wasps are known for the papery nests they build, which look like upside-down umbrellas.
  • Paper wasp nests often hang from tree branches and twigs, as well as porch ceilings and door railings. They typically contain up to 30 wasps.
  • Paper wasps aren’t as aggressive as yellow jackets, but they may sting to defend their nests. Their sting is known to be especially potent.

Common summertime wasps in the North Bay and East Bay Area - The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control

Mud Daubers

As their name implies, mud daubers are known for constructing their nests out of mud. Although they aren’t as aggressive as yellow jackets, it’s important to know how to identify them:

  • They are mostly black in appearance but may have light-colored markings. Mud daubers can be identified by their thin, thread-like waist.
  • Nests are usually located in covered areas such as porch ceilings, sheds, and attics.
  • These wasps are less social than other types, often preferring to be solitary.
  • Mud daubers aren’t as aggressive and will only sting when directly handled or threatened.

Yellow Jackets

These wasps are notoriously aggressive and very common, especially in the late summer. Some things to know about yellow jackets include:

  • Yellow jackets congregate in colonies of up to or more than 1,000 workers.
  • Their nests look globe-shaped and are built above ground, often near garages, sheds, and more.
  • Yellow jackets will not bother you unless they feel threatened, in which case they may sting repeatedly.
  • Yellow jackets can be best identified by the yellow and black horizontal stripes that run across their bodies.

Summertime Wasp Prevention

If you come across wasps when you’re outdoors this summer, it’s important to be cautious. Any stinging insect can be more aggressive than you think, especially when it comes to defending their nests. It’s always best to get the help of a professional pest control company. The team at The Hitmen is here for you with safe, effective, quick wasp removal services this summer and all year long.

3 Wasps You May Encounter This Summer in the North Bay and East Bay CA Area

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