American Canyon Rodent Removal

American Canyon Rodent ControlRodents living in your home are more than just a nuisance. They are dangerous. They can spread parasites and disease. They also have a tendency to like to chew electrical wires, which can create a fire hazard. The only thing you know for sure is if you know you have one, you know you have more than one. If you think that you have rodents, it is time to call the American Canyon rodent removal professionals at The Hitmen Termite and Pest Control, Inc. as soon as possible. We can be reached by calling 1-800-351-2488 or 707-427-3033. You can also visit us at 229 Benton Court in American Canyon.

When it comes to reliable and affordable American Canyon rodent removal and proofing, you can always rely on the experts here at The Hitmen Termite & Pest Control, Inc.


If you have mice, you may not think that you have that much of a problem because they are so small. The only problem is that they are rapid breeders so it does not take long for a population to get out of control. We, at The Hitmen Termite and Pest Control are experts in American Canyon rodent removal.

Attic Rats

Attic rats are a different type of problem than mice. They are highly destructive. You might hear a gnawing or chewing sound in the attic. If you do, that it’s the rats literally eating you out of house and home. Attic rats can cause major damage. If you have these, or any type of rats, you need to call the best rodent control in American Canyon available.

Professional Rodent Control in American Canyon

Squirrels, bats, raccoons, and other small animals can also cause the same types of hazards as rats. They often like to build nests in homes due to the availability of food and protection from the elements. If anything other than the family pet has made your home its home, you need to call professional rodent control in American Canyon before the problem gets any worse.

Reliable Rodent Proofing in American Canyon

Getting rid of pests is only part of the issue. We will not only take care of the immediate problem, we have ways to help you prevent it from coming back in the future. Rodent proofing in American Canyon is money well spent because you will no longer have to worry about your rodent problem from coming back. Today is the best time to call to begin ridding your house of rodents and pests for good.

Get in touch with our team of American Canyon rodent removal professionals for fast, reliable and affordable rodent control solutions today!